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needle tatting for beginners

hi this tutorial is on needle tatin and in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to make a basic ring just like this okay but you’re going to know I mean it’s a needle there’s different sizes of needles and which one you choose to use it depends on the size of thread that you’re going to use this one the black one is a little thicker than the one I’m going to be using today so for that I will be using like a thicker needle and it comes in a packet and a little tube like this and it has the size and everything on that okay well first II you grab your needle and it has a little uh you know the little needle eye right there so you put your thread there mmm a little trouble putting it in there okay here it comes okay so for a ring you don’t really need to leave a long tail maybe two inches and what you’re going to do is you’re going to hold the thread with your needle just like that and tatty where you work with tearing it’s double stitches so you make a double stitch so you go one – so we make two double stitches now let’s see that all slope you okay one thing when you holding your yaw your thread with your needle right there don’t let go until you finish a whole double stitch so that’s not a finish one that’s a finish one then you can let go okay so we’re going to make a circle so we’re going to do let’s see let’s do five double stitches a pica which is these little – this little loop right here that’s a pick up okay so we’re going to do we have one two three four five you see I don’t know if you can see that little nut it makes like little nuts in the bottom and each each double stitch it’s like two little loops on the on the needle so okay now to do our pick up you hold it right there you don’t let it come together to our last double crochet double stitch you hold it right there and it all depends how big your pick cuts going to be you can do it closer but you can make it bigger it all depends what you want to do or your parents’ s so let’s finish that and then you slide it and then you made a little pickup let’s do that in slow motion you okay so now that we have we have our pick up we’re going to do five more double stitches one two three four I 6:05 25 sorry and it’s very easy to take us stitches you make a mistake okay so now we’re going to close our ring so what you do is you pull but don’t let your loop go through there see that hold it right there because you have to put your needle in there you and we have a little rain please do it in snow you okay so there we have a ring so now what you have to do is just close it with a little nut and there we have a ring and you can add as many pickets as you want like this one for my next video we’ll be doing a little butterfly just like this I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and don’t forget to subscribe thank you for watching bye

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