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Needles in Our Feet | Life with Feet

Needles in Our Feet | Life with Feet

– Okay, welcome back to Life with Feet. I have a special friend
here, who I just met, Anet, who was also born without
arms, from Canada, and I have heard about her
story from like a decade ago. I just met her, and I was
almost like starstruck. I’m like oh, I saw you
on camera on this video like 10 years ago, and it
inspired me to ride a bike. I have a different bike,
it’s a recumbent bike, but you have Beach Cruiser– – But we both want each other’s bikes. – Now, we’re gonna exchange
ideas where I might borrow her bike for a little, and you’re gonna borrow mine, and we’ll just try it out. But I do have a question
for you because one of our viewers recently asked
a question about blood draws. As you know, when you get your blood drawn when you go to the
doctor’s office it usually comes from a vein in your arm. Now, I avoid blood draws like the plague because I not only am afraid of needles but I do not like anything poking me. So, I have to ask you, what do you do for blood draws so that
I can make this easier? – Well, Jessica, I share
your fear of needles, but I have had to get
some blood work before. I don’t know wherever you
are, you have to check with your doctor what the rules are, but where I live I had to
have a doctor’s note first from my doctor saying it
was okay to take blood from my foot, so they take
it from the top of my foot, and then the other thing that I did, just learned it from bad experience, was I made sure that I
went and called the clinic beforehand and made an appointment and made sure that they had someone that had previously drawn
blood from the foot before cause I’ve had a few people that kinda botched my foot a little bit trying to get it in, and they couldn’t get in. Other tips I’ve just
learned over the years, I make sure I’m well hydrated before I go for a blood appointment,
and I have the nurses put a hot pack on the tops of my feet beforehand just to raise
the vein, and they usually have me in a sitting position
or laying down position. – Okay. – They just take it out of whatever vein is kinda popping up the most. They take it out of the top of your foot. I try not to look, take
a deep breath, but yeah, after they put the
elastic around your ankle and they’ve warmed up your foot, usually this one up here will pop up, and they can usually get enough blood outta there as long, ya know, again, make sure you’ve asked, say I want someone that has taken blood from the foot before. All nurses are supposed
to be trained in that, so some have experience doing it and some of them have just
maybe seen it done before. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden they may wanna bring in a
person or two to watch. I’ve had that as well, because it’s a learning experience for them. – Truly, it must be, yeah. Well, I guess that’s
better than getting an IV or having your blood drawn
from your neck, right? – That’s very true.
(laughing) I mean, it’s not just
people missing arms that end up getting blood
taken from their foot. It’s people that have
collapsed veins, drug users, or other people who’ve had
to take a lot of needles– – People who’ve had chemo, chemotherapy. – Yeah, so there’s other
people that definitely fall into that category, but for myself, that has been my experience
with drawing blood from my foot. I’ve had some doctors
send me for blood work, and some just let it slide,
which is nice. (chuckles) – Well, thank you, Anet, and there you go. There you have it for the
viewer who asked the question how do you get your blood drawn when you don’t have any arms or hands. That’s how it’s done,
and for those who do have to have your blood drawn that way, make sure you ask ahead
of time if there’s someone with experience, use a hot pack, and be well hydrated for the appointment. Thanks for watching, if you like this, please don’t forget to like and subscribe or go to Patreon.com/ToeTalks
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