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PEG the Store: Episode Five – Sharon Needles

PEG the Store: Episode Five – Sharon Needles

Hello Sharon, how is your day? I hate these questions. They’re terrible. You know me, podcasts and soup, darling! What’s your favorite kind of soup, Sharon? What’s my favorite kind of soup? Well, you know, I still love a good old fashioned
Top Ramen. Do they make Bottom Ramen? Perhaps. I’m here to meet Sharon Needles. I’m here to see my girl Sharon. I’m here to see Sharon Needles. I’m really excited it’s my first time seeing
her. Pretty excited, pretty spooky. I’m excited, I just saw her last night and on
Friday so three days in a row. I’m excited, she’s my favorite drag queen. Pretty good, pretty excited. What’s your favorite song to perform? My favorite song to perform. My favorite song to sing from my repertoire
of music is probably “Supernature”. If you could design and sell anything –
no limits –
what would it be? Bottom Ramen. I’m so excited, she’s one of my favorite queens. I’m feeling great, I’ve waited forever to
meet her. He’s here to see Sharon because his birthday
is on Halloween and he thinks they have some weird connection. Favorite Sharon moment was on YouTube. There was a video she did where she went to a college
and talked to them and she said if she could she would have everyone in the room killed
to bring her cat back. Probably her crowning, it’s still so iconic. Her Michelle Visage impression. Her Caitlyn Jenner. Pretty much almost every moment that she does. What is the weirdest thing a fan has asked
you to sign? The weirdest thing I’ve ever had to sign was
probably a Nicole Paige Brooks t-shirt. Sharon, what have been your favorite podcasts? This has been a great year for podcasts. Of course I love What’s The Tee? with Rupaul
and Michelle Visage but I also love Missing Richard Simmons which documented the fitness
guru from the 80s and 90s. If you were to start a podcast what would
it be like? I would just love to sit down and pick the
brains of my idols. I would love to sit down with Angeline… Cassandra Peterson who’s Elvira. Or Paul Reubens who’s Pee-wee Herman. I still think that we have an intellectual
level where we can speak to one another and really pick each other’s brains. And if not that I would love to do a podcast
just on horror films. My favorite Sharon moment had to be outside
when we walked in. She told someone that she liked their babies
and she was really hungry. Any of her more iconic looks that shocked
people. She did things that people didn’t do on Drag
Race. When she won and the finale when Rupaul announced
Sharon Needles the winner. Came up, started crying, put the crown on
her. I like her whole goth aesthetic. It’s something I’ve never really seen before. My inner goth child screamed and I love it. Probably her and Phi Phi O’hara. “At least I am a showgirl!” That was iconic. Yeah, iconic. Is it weird/cool/fun/etc. to see people wearing
your face on t-shirts? Me growing up, being obsessed with that glowing
box in my living room in a small town of Newton, Iowa, made me have an unhealthy obsession
with fame and so when I see my face on t-shirts it just validates that I am famous and fame
is the last Santa Claus – it doesn’t exist but it still feels good. What’s the worst gift a fan has given to you? A Lil’ Poundcake doll. There’s no such thing as a worst gift. I love all my gifts. Sayonara, sucker.

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