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People Try Facial Cupping

People Try Facial Cupping

(squeaking) (laughing) – I swear to God, these were the facial cups, that was not me! (classical music) – Today we are gonna try, facial cupping. – My mom actually runs
an alternative wellness spa, so I really grew up getting cupping, and acupuncture. – I’ve never done cupping in my life, I just know people get those weird bruises on their back, that are circles. – Like slap it onto your back, and they just slowly suck
your skin into the cup. – Cupping is actually used to detoxify the body, and people traditionally get it done on their backs. – I have a little bit of tension so I hope the facial suction will hopefully just kind of like, take all that bad energy out of my face. – This is an at home facial cupping set. Lure Glam. – Beautiful skin doesn’t come from a jar, it comes from massage cupping! Good to know. – Targets, fine lines and wrinkles, I care about that, I
care about that deeply. – Headaches, sinus congestion. – Facial contour, collagen, elasticity. – And reduces puffiness. – This sounds like a facial
mask, like in hyper-drive. – If a little plastic dildo thing makes me look less old, I’m here for it. There’s two large cups, for the cheeks. Forehead, chin, and there’s like the cute little baby ones
for the eyes and lips. – I feel like I’m getting a sex kit. – Start with an antimicrobial facial brush to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This is nice! – For the face we’re using the larger cup. – You begin at the face, at the ear. And then move down the side of the neck. (laughing) – Is it working? Am I chiseled yet? – You know those sushi,
that’s like half alive? And they put the soy sauce in it? And it just like. (laughing) On your face, that’s what it feels like! (laughing) – Place cup, glide,
glide, it’s not gliding. As like, thoughtfully as I’d hoped. (squeaking) – Is that what unicorns do? (classical music) – Then it says, flash cup. I think that means do it fast. – Oh, that feels weird
on the cheek, come off. – You gotta work the jaw. Suck the double chin out. – Just like, put this on your forehead. – Oh, yeah, this is nice. – This is supposed to be for your sinuses. Wow, this feels kind of good. – That actually makes me
feel like, really sleepy. – I do feel a little more relaxed. – Yeah! (laughing) – It just feels weird, it makes
these really weird sounds. And I feel like it’s just draining. – Do you feel that one? – Yes I do. – There you go. – Facial cupping was a wild ride y’all. – That was quite easy, quite simple. But we need to talk about that. ‘Cause I don’t know
what’s happening there. – I think I’ve gotten in a
fight with my facial cupping. And it obviously won. – It’s like getting all the blood rushing, I’m sure something is
happening under the surface. I just don’t know if that’s my favorite way to go about, skin care. – Well, I’ll say I feel a little relaxed. I don’t know, maybe it’s the product. Maybe it’s not, but I’m
feeling way more calm. Then when I started. – My face does feel
looser, and more relaxed. But that’s also because I’m not sucking the crap out out it currently. – But yeah it’s fun, I like the noises. I like that it’s a little farts-y noise. – I’m like patient zero,
of the zombie apocalypse. And they’re like Sheridan,
what’s wrong with your face? And I’m like I don’t know. (screams)

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