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Post Stroke Rehab with Acupuncture and Microcurrent

Post Stroke Rehab with Acupuncture and Microcurrent

hello everybody this is Adrian Melero
once again from Miami Acupuncture Therapy and in today’s video we’re going
go over a post-stroke protocol we’d like to thank our patient Edwin for
volunteering in his case he had a stroke a year ago and he started acupuncture
about two or three weeks ago and we’ve been working with him and post-stroke
rehabilitation usually acupuncture is usually the most effective modality and
usually the sooner you jump on it the better the results and even though
acupuncture is such an effective modality we take it one step further and
we combine that acupuncture with the microcurrent frequency specific
microcurrent as I’m going explain in a little bit how we enhance the typical
acupuncture protocol for pull stroke and as you can see here we do this start out
with the typical protocol with the needles up on the yang ming channels on the leg and
also the arm and typically in traditional Chinese medicine would also be
stimulated electrically with the milliamp and I choose not to do it
because since I work with microcurrent and with the frequency specific but if
you’re a practitioner and that’s what you prefer to do that’s okay too
it’s not going to hurt to do it. now when I do that I start off with this and then
after a few minutes I’ll also stimulate face using microcurrent. now when we do
the face stimulation to help restore function we work on the right side on
the opposite side of affected side after the neck the nerves a cross paths
so basically we’re retraining the brain to work again so I’m going set the
probes to a protocol which is similar to an energy light rejuvenation
protocol that we do here using the microcurrent and with the acupuncture
points using the microcurrent and so I put these probes here and then I combine stimulating areas of
the face as well as specific acupuncture points on the face to help restore
function. in his case his speech is very good everything here and above is good
but I still want to stimulate as much as possible because half of the acupuncture
channels either start or end on the face so still in the ends and the beginning
of those points together also help with the overall effect as well ok so I’m
going to click this on and I’m just going to go back and forth stimulate I’m
going to bring it upward too and then usually the difference between
treating a post stroke and of those palsy those palsy and treat the same
side post stroke treat the opposite side and usually you can tell usually
post stroke you can still get the eyebrow up and those palsy you cannot
and that’s one way to tell the differential okay so I’m going to go up
along these areas here I’m going do bladder one and the last
channel of the Sanjiao channel 23 these two ends stomach a large intestine channel the Du / Ren channel and then I’m just going to go around and
connect the dots along the channels then would go.. I just like to go along the trigeminal here the zygomatic bone here and then usually when I’m done with
that phase I will put the small hand needles on the face as well for
demonstration purposes I’m going to do that after that but but we’re gonna do
next with the microcurrent usually with the inferential at specific frequencies usually get a good result by using 321
Hertz which is to restore function just by placing it and usually just getting
physical therapy when practicing with the hand movements you can get a result
but when you combine it you get an even better result and on top of that I add a
third factor where in Chinese acupuncture there’s a scalp acupuncture area protocol
that’s very effective for post-stroke recovery but instead of just leaving
needles I use the probes and I set it at 321
Hertz to restore function and while this is going and the scalp stimulation is
going we’re doing that exercise to help recover the function to help retrain the
brain how to and in that way you can really accelerate the recovery and I
cannot stress enough like how important it is to get this done as soon as
possible after the incident because the sooner you do it after the incident the
better the result so we’re going to criss cross the cables positive and negative
each lead on the opposite side so it’s inferential I’m actually going to put it
closer to the extremities here go ahead and remove the needles and then while I’m stimulating the scalp
area our therapist Lisset is going to assist with the
exercises so we’re going to go ahead actually I’m gonna put another set of leads
for the elbows to run concurrently so place the settings make sure there’s
enough intensity okay so now we have it going and then
bring it into this for approximately ten minutes so while she’s doing that..Lisset, if
you want to go ahead and turn your shoulder a little bit for the camera and
on this third of the scalp where the function is usually in the upper third we’re gonna be stimulating that while
she’s doing the exercises I’ll pause this for a second to modify
the probe so we have these things going on
currently so we do this for the upper extremities with the lower extremities I
can go just a little lower on this scalp area because after we’re done
with the wrist and elbow that we do shoulder then we do simultaneously knee
and foot patient has stated that since beginning the acupuncture and this
protocol patient has been able to raise the leg from barely raising it to about
45 degree angle in about since the three weeks since we started and usually the
very last thing to recover in a post stroke situation is the extremities the
hand especially extending the hands from what I’ve seen in my experience um you
know we do see the spasticity as well etc so that’s it so we’re gonna continue
doing this therapy and I’m gonna switch to the other joints but that’s so you
can get an idea if you have any questions or comments just go ahead and
leave it in the comments below and if you want to see future videos just feel free to
like to subscribe so you can see more demonstrations such as this one and then
you can also see the protocols I have for other conditions as well

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