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Product Spotlight: Tulip Beading Needles

Product Spotlight: Tulip Beading Needles

Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this Megan with Beadaholique.com today I’m going to show you our new
selection of Tulip Beading Needles and I’m really
excited about these needles because they’re really strong and I’m really flexible. So if
you do a lot of off look bead weaving you’ll be familiar
with breaking your needles or having them kind of get bent in a S shape and needing to replace them. So these
needles are super super flexible but really resilient. So they keep their
shape really well and I’m just gonna go through and show you the sizes that we have. We’ve got size 10 beading needles and this one
comes in a long which is kind of the standard and a short. I’ll show you the difference. So if you prefer to have a shorter needle when you’re doing your
beading we have here the same size, the same thickness but they are almost about a half inch
difference in length so its gonna just be a matter of comfort.
You can of course pick up more beads at a time on the longer needle but if you like to work with a shorter needle you’ll have a new option for that here and then we have size 11, 12 and 13 beading needle and those are going to be
just your basic standard sizes. The 12 is of course my favorite. It’s one of the more commonly used I find it works really well for any kind of work. I can just use the one size for almost everything and then we also have a loom needle and the loom needle is really little long and what that’s for if you’ve done any loom
weaving its to be able to fit across your work
threads all the way in one pass so if you have a jewel loom it comes
with a loom needle. This is a really good replacement. If you have another kind of loom like the rick’s beading loom this can be
a really really handy needle to use for that. I just wanted to show you these needles are all nickel coated
steel and they do all have a slightly rounded
tip. It’s plenty sharp enough to use for bead embroidery and get
through your materials but it has a slightly rounded
tip which is going to help prevent piercing and splitting your thread it’s really a nice needle to use and I
just wanna show you I’ve been using both of these needles and
this one is still pretty straight and I’ve been using it a lot. So a traditional needle would have been bent up by now. This one has a slight
curve to it that’s because when we got these
needles and I tried to break this needle in half and can’t I can get my thumbs touching and it still doesn’t break the
needle and it just kinda gets that slight curve.
That as much bent up as it gets. So really pretty impressive if you’ve worked at the other needles you can tell right away the difference. So with regular wear
it’s not going to get bent much at all and even with extreme wear
it’s not going to break and its still going to retain a pretty
decent shape. So if you’ve done a lot of bead weaving I highly
recommend these needles. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I’m very impressed. Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

14 Replies to “Product Spotlight: Tulip Beading Needles”

  • I am an expert at breaking my needles so I am excited about this option. And with the more rounded tip, maybe I won't finger stick myself as much!!

  • Thanks so much for adding these needles to your shop.  I love these needles.  I really like the Size 11.  I find these needles much easier for me to thread.  I just love them.  Hooray!!

  • I want them all. I did look up Tulip Beading needles online not to long ago and I had a tough time trying to find them. So I'm really excited that Beadaholique has these needles. 

  • I've been using them for a couple of years (maybe more – I bought them online from Carol Cypher first time). They also have a slightly bigger in size golden eye – so it's easier to thread them.However, if the needle is stuck in beadwork (happens to everyone sometimes), it breaks more easy than J.Johns needles (its eye is more fragile)..  

  • WOW! very impressive those Needles Megan & i will try those so very happy you sell all of them. Thjank you for this very handy video!

  • @Dennis Siple – The sizes refer to the width of the whole needle, not just the hole.  The higher number sizes are thinner needles, and the lower number sizes are thicker needles.  Generally, thicker needles do have a slightly larger hole than thinner needles.

  • Hello, I will like to buy some of this needles especially because I read that the hole is big comaparing the other needles but I went to the beadaholique store through ebay  and I could not find them. Can you tell me where I have to go. Thank you.

  • I love these & use them myself. They were hard to find last year. I use the #10 longs. They work great.
    I'm so glad that you are now carrying them all..

  • I use Birch needles that are made here in Australia and they're the same you can't break them and they last a really really long time! I might have to try these Tulip needles for comparison. 🙂

  • Hi, truly interesting, can i know which one are the one that won't break when u bend them in your video. Where can i get those needles ? Thanks ~* ^^

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