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Reality Star Tami Roman’s Fertility Struggle

Reality Star Tami Roman’s Fertility Struggle

– Tami Roman is known for
her outspoken personality, but what many haven’t seen is
the struggle she and fiance Reggie Youngblood have been
facing behind closed doors. (upbeat music) – Reggie and I have been dating
for about 2 1/2 years now. – It has been the best
2 1/2 years of my life. I never thought that
I would find the woman that I love as much as her. – The best part of my
relationship with Reggie is the amount of love
and patience he shows me. However, we’re 17 years apart. Reggie wants to have a child. I’ve already had two daughters. I’ve been there done that. But when you’re with
someone that you love, as much as I love him, you want to cross certain
milestones with them. And so it’s something that
I’m excited about doing. We’ve unfortunately
had three miscarriages. Not only are we dealing with
the scrambled eggs that I have, menopause is knockin’ at my door, which is why I think a surrogate is the perfect way to bridge the gap. And we can pick the sex of the baby. – Please just bless me with
a boy, please (chuckles). – If the eggs are too
scrambled to be delivered, I would not want to be selfish when ultimately someone that I truly love is not getting what he wants. – I’m not gonna want to leave her just because she can’t have a child, but that’s the woman I want to be with. – I love Reggie today. I’ll love him 20 years from today. But my love for him wants him to be happy, and if we can’t have a child, I don’t think he would be
happy somewhere down the road. And so I would have to let him go. – After multiple miscarriages, Tami and Reggie decided they needed to take the next step in
their fertility struggle, so we sent them to fertility specialist Dr. Tina Koopersmith. – [Tami] I think us going
through the miscarriages definitely brought us together. – Hi.
– Hi. – How are you? – I’m Dr. Koopersmith.
– Good how are you? – [Reggie] Whenever it comes
to going to doctors and stuff, I always get a little nervous, ’cause you just never know
what they’re gonna find. – [Tina] It’s been several months that you haven’t had another pregnancy. – Right. – Do you have any
medical problems, heart– – Type II diabetes. – [Tina] And are you a smoker? – [Tami] I hate the fact that I smoke. – It is related to fertility. So, 46-year-old women
do have a difficult time getting pregnant, staying pregnant. It’s gonna be really hard
to grow your own eggs to get yourself pregnant. But if you take someone else’s egg and combine it with your sperm, then, we have a 60 percent
chance of having a baby. We’ll do an ultrasound
and look at those ovaries. This is her uterus. That’s a little egg in waiting in there, in there, and maybe in that one. So you do have some eggs
in there, so that’s good. You’re actually potentially
going to ovulate in a few days. If you want to try on your
own, this would be prime time. So the good news is you
have eggs there, okay? Going forward, we should do blood tests to make sure we know
what we’re up against. I would highly recommend if
you’re willing to chance it starting today for the next week, you guys should go home
and do your homework, okay? And maybe you’ll get pregnant on your own.

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