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Relieve Your Cold with Acupuncture!

Hi, I’m Dr. Hart, and I’m here with our licensed acupuncturist, Nacha Ford and Just wanted to talk a little bit about it’s we’ve been seeing a lot of sinus headaches chronic sinusitis Cold and flu, but you know, we all know that congested feeling that you get Where it’s just a little heavier to breathe and you’re getting that headache Right in the front here or maybe in the back of the head Chiropractic and acupuncture can help a great deal and with that and so what we’re going to do today is I’m actually getting some sinus work because I’m feeling that heaviness as far as As far as when I breathe and also helping with sleep and snoring My wife really appreciates them when I do this, so And some people who are a little… you’re gonna see as far as I’m gonna get some needles here some acupuncture Points here on my cheeks and on my hand you can have both as far as distal and proximal Points and Nacha’s going to talk a little bit more while she does my treatment How’s that good good? All right. So those are two pressure points Then Trying to do one more Proximal point and then we’re going to do some more distal points. As Doc mentioned, if you’re not comfortable with working in the face Points on the wrist. All right. I mean it’s it’s a weird thing to think of getting needles in your face But it really helps Good thank you Especially for those chronic sinus suffers you know who really they’ve maybe they’ve had a procedure done to work on their sinuses or they’re constantly taking Anti to as far as over-the-counter drugs or even prescription medications like imitrex and So forth as far as and with very little relief It’s like this can be this can be a game-changer So here are some distal points. There’s one here now, what does it mean if those points are tender, you know even just cuz that’s a Spot where it seems like a lot of people there’s a lot of things that go through that area, right? So this this is a really good one. It’s a really good point Or wend as we say in Chinese medicine. And wend It’s kind of any invasion when you have a cold we call that wend Any kind of invasion Of the system is wend. so this is a major point to kind of clear that up. So if you have headaches That’s considered when and this is why this point is well it’s usually a little sensitive because it treats so many Various conditions in Chinese medicine and it’s also a major point to kind of move some chi a little bit. It feels a little easier to breathe already already. Mm-hmm This attacks the wend These are just mobile points that move and open the sinuses And then this point here effects phlegm.

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