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so today I wanted to talk to you about
royal jelly how it helps improve fertility hi what’s up Fertility Fam thanks for
clicking on Simply Tanika I am Tanika and this is Fertility Fun day Monday
let’s get into it so today I wanted to talk to you about royal jelly how it
helps improve fertility this is from Wyeth ecobee farm can you see that it’s
fresh royal jelly I keep it in the refrigerator there’s what it looks like
I scoop it out and just background on it I taken the royal jelly when I first
started it was recommended by my acupuncturist and then I had stopped
taking it because I read the book I think it starts with the egg and she was
saying there’s no scientific evidence to show that it helps with fertility and I
stopped taking it and then I started it again when my FSH went through the roof
it was like at 50 I incorporated it back into my supplement regime and my FSH
came down I don’t know if it was solely due to the royal jelly but I believe
that it definitely contributed to the lowering of it for me and after talking
with my acupuncturist we discussed that there aren’t going to be a lot of
studies on royal jelly just because there’s no profit in it for anyone right
it’s um you can buy it pretty openly from anyone who sells like thee products
and there it’s not like a pharmaceutical where you’re going to put a lot of money
into research and development R&D in hopes of you know gaining a profit from
it so there’s not going to be a lot of research on it so having said that
there’s not a lot of proof that ties this we’re not a lot of clinical
research that ties this the royal jelly directly to any fertility improvement
however we’re talking with the acupuncturist and other people
anecdotally they’ve seen improvement I personally have seen improvement from
using the royal jelly so that’s why I wanted to talk about it on our first
fertility fun day so let’s dig into the facts about it I
took some notes so I’m gonna read from here first and foremost anyone who’s
allergic to bees or bee stings or bee pollen or anything related to bees
should not use any type of oil jelly oil jelly supplement propolis any of that
you don’t want to use it so if you’re allergic move on find some other things
are many other wonderful products out there and we’ll talk about them in
future fertility fun day Monday videos all right so what is royal jelly it’s a
substance derived from bees it also includes the pollen and the propolis it
is the crown jewel among those among beehive products and is a superfood so
it is an emulsion of protein sugars and lipids and a water base and is
synthesized by the be from digested pollen and honey nectar these are rich
in the essential amino acids and those amino acids the essential ones they
can’t be synthesized other ones you can get synthetic versions of them but the
essential you cannot so that’s key and so it plays an important role in bee
nutrition royal jelly is a powerful milky substance produced by young worker
bees in the hive or two to three days and they produce enough royal jelly to
feed the female larva which develops into the queen bee hence the royal jelly
queen bee only eats royal jelly the difference between the queen bee and the
ordinary worker bee is the world jelly she has it her entire lifetime where the
other bees have it the first few days of their life so the queen bee lives her
entire life on world jelly is her only source of nutrition and the other worker
bees are federal jelly for the first three days of their life this diet is
responsible for making the queen bee 40 to 60 percent larger than worker bee
plus they live forty percent longer than a worker bee and the other thing about
it is this can help with your egg health right we all know that we’re born with
the number of eggs that we’re gonna have but we don’t know how healthy they are
so like when you’re testing things like AMH it’s telling you how
many eggs you have left it’s not telling you how healthy they are and the older
you get the more important that egg health needs to be monitored and taken
care of so that’s why we’re taking nutrients and supplements especially
after 40 to help with that egg health and so royal jelly is a superfood that
is meant to help with your egg yolk the queen bee is the most important figure
of the bee community she receives a lifespan of 5 to 6 years and produces
around 2,000 eggs a day producing more worker bees and sustains a lifecycle of
the hive when fed on pure royal jelly so she’s responsible for the whole thing
happening researchers soon realize the remarkable
benefits of royal jelly by the way the queen bee lived long and healthy this is
one of the reasons why many people around the world take royal jelly
supplements as little as 250 milligrams of royal jelly may provide energy youth
and vitality therefore the nutrients found in royal
jelly are necessary and very and very beneficial for the human body Road jelly
is perhaps the most complex highly concentrated and nutritious food
produced by animal insect or plant it contains vitamin A C E and all the
essential B complex vitamins such as B 1 B 2 B 3 including a high concentration
of b5 and vitamin b6 which is reputed to support the strength of the adrenal
glands and may help to reduce stress and is the only natural source of acid high
choline an essential ingredient of the current transmission of nerve impulses
it contains proteins which are rich in natural hormones such as pheromones it
contains six minerals sodium potassium iron chromium manganese and nickel and
all the amino acids essential for life plus ten more are you gonna bonus ten so
yeah these I think the adrenal glands support is important as well as you know
when you’re going through improving your fertility you want your adrenal glands
to be working properly you want them to be supported I do yoga and other things
to also help my adrenal glands but taking this is good for it as well you
don’t want this to be your only source of
supporting your adrenal function so there are other things that you can do
massages yoga dry brushing there are different things you can do for your
adrenal gland and we’ll probably talk about that in one of our future
fertility Sunday Monday videos okay royal jelly has East inhibiting
functions which may help conditions such as thrush and athlete’s foot royal jelly
may play an important role maintaining cholesterol levels due to a high
concentration of specific nutrients found in the royal jelly royal jelly has
been found to be of great help in boosting the immune system royal jelly
naturally contains immune building nutrients such as vitamin C and E
fertility expert dr. Randy Lewis recommends fresh royal jelly for
increased fertility quoting a number of research studies supporting his advice
I’ll put his name down below so you can google him and see what he has to say
about it but he is a fertility expert he does recommend this this is a fresh
version of the royal jelly it’s liquidy still I keep it in the fridge there are
capsules that have royal jelly I recommend if you get those you get them
that those that are freeze-dried so that it’s as close as possible to the fresh
form of royal jelly which you’re gonna get more of the nutrients you don’t want
something that’s been sitting on a shelf for too long
because it’s just depleting all of the good benefits of it so as fresh as
possible you want that and you can get it I got
this on Amazon and I’ll put a link in the box below but you can also I’ve
gotten it at Whole Foods in a smaller bottle than this and I’m trying to think
I personally have gotten it at Whole Foods I’m sure there are other stores
that you can get the royal jelly from it does have a little bit of a taste it’s
recommended that you take it like on a little teaspoon and you put either honey
I put a ghave around it but you are it does have like a little bit of a funk to
it as you like an aftertaste it’s not crazy but it is it’s noticeable so test
it out with with honey or agave or something sweet around there to kind
I’ll set that I do it in the morning when I’m also doing my tincture from the
acupuncturist and my wheatgrass shot so it kind of all goes together then I
rinse it down with warm water with lemon in it but just FYI it is it’s a very
specific taste of the royal jelly has the risk again if you’re allergic to
bees you don’t want to take it if you have asthma this may flare up if you
take road rel and you notice anything like any facial swelling or anything
crazy go to your doctor straightaway so you may be having an allergic reaction
to it I read somewhere you can test it like on the inside of your arm first
before you ingest it so you just want to do it like in the crook and put like a
little bit on there and see if you have any reaction to it if you do if it gets
red or irritated Road early is probably not good for you I may be tested with
someone else’s royal jelly it’s a little bit on the expensive side the fresh
royal jelly so I wouldn’t want you to get like I bought this again from Amazon
after I knew that I liked it I got a smaller one I started off with smaller
ones from home food and then moved up to the bigger bottle so it is an investment
so I would say start out small see how you feel I always keep a journal of my
supplements and how I’m reacting to things and I introduce things one at a
time I highly recommend that it works really well that way I know if I’m
getting a benefit or not and how my body is responding to it um so yeah I believe
there’s a correlation there all right I mean I went to the Columbia University
health advice website and I found this the royal jelly itself contains the
following substances 12 to 15 percent of protein 60 to 70 percent water 10 to 16
percent sugars 3 to 6 percent fats the benefits to the Queen being fed
royal jelly are quite remarkable with queen bees reaching growth to about
twice the size of the standard worker bee life expectancy as higher as well
Queen bees believed to live 40 times as long not to me not to mention making the
Queen more fertile giving them the ability to lay roughly 2,000 eggs a day
so without the Queen the Beehive doesn’t make it right she’s the one supplying
all of the eggs eventually become worker bees that keep
that joint runnin whether or not these benefits have any effects on human
beings has not been scientifically proven there’s no double-blind study on
royal jelly and again because there is no direct correlation to a financial
gain there probably is not going to be any scientific studies on royal jelly at
any rate there are multiple reputable sources that recommend it as a fertility
and longevity enhancer and they’ve seen you know with their clients and people
that they’ve interacted with an improvement I personally can say I feel
an improvement compared to using it not using it and then reintroducing it into
my supplement regime so I highly recommend it which is why I wanted to
feature it on our very first fertility fund a Monday all right you guys have
you used royal jelly before do you have any experience good or bad leave it in
the comments below I’d love to hear from other people who’ll use it of course I
only can speak to my personal experience but I would love to hear how other
people are experiencing experiencing it I learned so much from you guys so I do
appreciate when you leave your little pearls of wisdom in the comment so
please do that if you like this video please give it a thumbs up share it with
anyone who you think might find it useful and comment below alright you
guys I hope that your Monday was amazing and great and I will talk to you guys
tomorrow in the regular vlog and just to recap so the new schedule is Sundays is
Sunday cycle science and then Monday is Monday fertility fun day and then
Tuesday through Saturday is my regular TTC shenanigans where I belong about
what’s going on with me and my journey to baby number two alright guys thanks
for watching baby has to you

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