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RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 6 – Super Besties | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 6 – Super Besties | Rooster Teeth

[Music] [Cheery jingle] RWBY Chibi! *Snoring* Ruby: Weiss, are you asleep? Weeiiisss~ Weiss: I love you most of all, cake butler… Ruby: Listen closely… You want to be Ruby’s BFF! Weiss: Oh no… don’t want that… Ruby: But yes yes yes you dooo~! You want to hang out and do fun activities with Ruby, all day long~! Weiss: I… do? *shudders* That’s terrible! Ruby: Nooo, it’s good. Also, you’re going to tell everyone that Ruby is your super bestie-better-than-the-restie~! Weiss: Okay… I guess. Ruby: Perfect! You’re also gonna wear matching outfits… *Thunderclap* Weiss: Oh my gosh! NO! What a strange dream. I must be studying too hard. Better get some rest. I have a full day of fun activities tomorrow. Ruby: Sleep, little snowflake…It’s all going according to plan. Ruby: Let’s go, Bestie! I have our whole day planned for us! Weiss (forced cheer): That sounds super fun! Even though I’m screaming on the inside! Blake: Should we be worried about this? Yang: I’m sure it’s fine. (Forced cheer) Feel free to use my motorcycle and here’s a little spending cash for you! (Normal) What just happened? Blake: I’ll tell you what happened. You and Weiss obviously have weak minds and are easily manipulated. …What? *Spring noise as Neo cheerily hops across the screen* Roman: Come on! Hurry it up in there before I lose it and REALLY show you my bad side! *Scared old man noise* Roman: Finally! It just isn’t the same without you, sweetheart. *cheerful whistling* *wind blows* *THWAP!* Blake: I can’t believe my favorite author’s here signing books. He wrote the Howling at the Moon series, it’s about a beastly protagonist who can never reach the object of his affection. It’s so romantic, so tragic! Ruby: Jeez, Blake. I’ve never seen you so wound up before. Blake: This is huge! Blake: He’s a genius, and yet no one knows what he looks like! So mysterious… Oh my God, I could die. Ruby (mockingly): If you love him so much, why don’t you marry him? Blake: Don’t be silly. …Do you think he would at least go on a date with me? I mean, I’m his biggest fan! Ruby: Ah, yes, no, ah, I-I don’t know! Stop hitting me! Blake: Oh my gosh, you’re right! I’m folding the pages! *panicked breathing* What if he thinks I’m weird, what if he hates my ears? This was a mistake. We should go! Ruby: Relax, Blake! I’m sure he’s just a regular person like you and me. Blake: …Where is he? Ruby: …Zwei?! Zwei: *bark* Blake: No…
Ruby: *chuckles*
Zwei: *panting* Blake: NooooOOOoooooOOOooo…! Ruby: On the bright side, I think I could get you a date! …Man, that obedience school really went all out on ya, huh? Zwei: *bark* [Music]

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