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School of Medicine (MD program overview)

[MUSIC PLAYING] The School of Medicine at
EVMS is uniquely geared towards preparing students to
become world-class doctors. The best thing about
being a student at EVMS is probably the sense
of community you get. And you’ll hear
this from everybody. We all care for
each other, and we want to see everyone succeed
and do the best we possibly can. It’s really cool. And I love these people. They’re great. We’re a very diverse group. That’s one of the
things that makes us very strong as an institution. It’s one of the things that
we look for in applicants. We haven’t added a lot
of detail to what we did. We just pulled these
thoracic splanchnics into these paraaortic
ganglia and started saying, why are they there? As a leader in the field of
community-focused medical schools, EVMS offers
three distinct advantages for our students. One, early clinical exposure– EVMS students are exposed
very early in their training to patients. I think that that
is very obvious when they enter their third
year and especially when they go on to residency
programs around the country. –excellent USMLE scores on
both the Step 1 and Step 2, scores which exceed
the national average– Our students have been
very successful in securing residency positions at
prestigious programs throughout the country
and what historically had been considered to be
very competitive specialties at competitive programs. –three, we have a unique
curriculum in place. The Care Forward
Curriculum teaches in a way that mimics how
our student physicians will practice. This is an example of
how you’d start a case. We have created these
virtual families which are pretty much
like video game avatars– –that the students will
interact with over the course of their medical school career. You learn about the whole
physiology of the disease. And it makes for a better
learning experience for when we become doctors. The Care Forward
curriculum is incorporating community-oriented
learning or service learning very intentionally. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Service learning is touch. It is going out,
and it is learning things with real people
and real contexts, things that you can’t learn
in a classroom. There’s a really awesome
balance between caring about your community and caring
about your medical education. And I think that that’s rare. Not only are we
getting the knowledge that we need to become
successful doctors, but we’re gaining a little
bit more of the bigger picture and seeing the
roles that doctors can play in the community. Yeah, there we go. Look, there’s more. I think there is a common
thread of students who actually enter EVMS in that
they are truly geared towards wanting to serve. Do you want to be a doctor that
makes a difference in people’s lives, in communities now? EVMS is where you want to be. AudioJungle. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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