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Peace be upon you,
hello and welcome to a new episode of ‘New thought’.
I’m Dr. Kareem Ali. A lot of times I find
myself avoiding a conflict with the medicine I studied and with certain doctors,
what they did and – my mother always told me not to worry about
anyone and to mind my own business. But then, some events happen
right in front of my eyes; just yesterday, my friend called me saying
his sister’s facial nerve was paralysed, which means her face suffers from
weakness in one side, and that she went to see a university neurology professor, and that was that. I’ll tell you what happened and what I think about it, and you’ll be able to judge my message to neurologists. Here with the ‘New thought’ family,
I am Kareem Ali, and we’ll meet after this. “Health” “Diet” “Physiotherapy” “Fitness” “Herbs” And a new day begins “New thought” Welcome! Facial nerve
inflammation, or any nerve in the body or inflammation for that
matter – what is it exactly? The body detects something odd, so it pumps more blood
to the affected area, and that causes an inflammation. Basically, the area of inflammation
is caused by a conflict between the body itself and
something outside of it. As a result, some cells
die, and a swelling happens in the area, or maybe even pus or abscess
since this is an inflammation. Concerning the topic of the facial
nerve, it comes from the brain, down behind the ear, and feeds the face, its muscles, eyes and their tears. So, if a facial nerve inflammation happens, you’ll find yourself not being able
to move this side of your face. How would you know?
Well, as long as the nerves are working, they will be pulling your face together, and you’ll be okay. If one of them gets paralysed, this will be pulling fine, but this won’t. The healthy area will be pulled tight, but the other one will be lifeless. These forehead wrinkles will go
same as this area here, and the wrinkles here as well;
It’ll be flat. And the healthy side
will be pulled together because there isn’t an equal ‘pull’ force on the other side. The eye will be dry because the nerve responsible
for tears won’t be working. The mouth will start to
drool because this side won’t be closed well,
so it will drool, or saliva will increase and drop down. This is the facial nerve inflammation. Medicine says its reasons
maybe either viral infections, like herpes, AIDS, Epstein-Barr and any virus that can damage the nerves, or your immunity has
decreased for whatever reason. One of the most important
reasons is ‘extreme anger’; high cortisol decreases
immunity as we all know. What gets harmed is the
facial nerve – you wake up, and it hurts behind your ear, and then
the very next day, you’ll be paralysed. That’s why you shouldn’t sleep while angry; anger is bad for everything. Also, do not go out in cold
air or early in the morning – cover the area behind your ear because the nerve is
there, not in your face. “Dr, what’s done is done
– the facial nerve has been paralysed, or even extremely inflamed”. The area around the nerve is inflamed,
so it pushes against the nerve itself and causes its paralysis. This is what happens inside the
body, which we don’t know. Well, people don’t know that. Then, they come to me as a doctor, and the prescription I received had the
following – all doctors do this. First thing: “This is an inflammation;
give him cortisone!” First disaster. Second thing: he will use the cortisone
for a month or two, and that will harm the stomach
– prescribe an antacid! Third thing: “Give him an anti-inflammatory drug!” Fourth thing: “Give him eye drops so his eyes don’t get ulcers because they are dry”. Fifth thing: “Give him physiotherapy”,
which means to take sessions, because if muscles don’t move
for a long period of time, they might die. “Move it so that when
the nerve is healthy again, you can still move your muscles”. Let’s look now at what
we studied from books, which is the same as what
neurologists practice, and you be the judge whether it’s
right or wrong – I won’t even say anything! First thing: cortisone is given because it’s
a great anti-inflammatory drug. “Dr, you told me that the reason for this inflammation was
either related to nerves, or from a viral or bacterial infection”. If the cause is from the nerves, then that means we have
high cortisol in the body, so why prescribe even more cortisol!? That was number one! You reply to this. Second thing: “Dr, cortisol decreases
the body’s immunity”. Everybody knows that! People with auto-immune diseases
are prescribed cortisol, which lowers immunity. “But you just told me this was
a viral or bacterial infection”. Those infected with AIDS
have this nerve paralysed because they don’t have immunity. But cortisone lowers
immunity – that’s number two. Third thing: “Dr, cortisone increases
blood sugar levels”. People who have high levels
of blood sugar and use a lot of cortisol will get diabetes. Why? Because it will damage the insulin, and that will result in
increased blood sugar, which then leads to diabetes. “But Dr, when blood sugar
increases, so do infections”. I won’t reply! You be the judge. Today I said I’ll be
destroying the ‘temple’; the medical temple that we studied. Alright, another thing: “Dr, these anti-inflammatory drugs we take
are like a fatal poison to our kidneys!”. Any type of ibuprofens and Nurofens,
or anything else for that matter, if taken more than twice a week, will increase the chance of getting strokes,
and weaken the body’s immune system. Also, the kidneys will be under heavy
load that may lead to kidney failure. And you still want me to take an
anti-inflammatory for three months? You answer that. As for the physiotherapy,
it is much needed. No doubt about that. So, this is what the medicine
books we studied say, and that is what the
doctors do to patients. As a ‘New thought’ family, let us think of ways to solve this rationally. Anyone with a functioning
brain should be able to think of and do what we’re about to say. There’s an inflammation
affecting the body and nerves, alright. First of all,
do doctors talk to patients about how to stop inflammation causes, or even the foods that cause them? Not mentioned. Stop eating sugars because
they increase inflammations, yoghurt does that too, as well as legumes. Also, gluten should be stopped
because it damages the intestines, and as we know,
the body’s immunity comes from there. So we’ve managed to stop foods that cause
inflammations – that’s the first thing. Second thing is to increase
the body’s immunity instead of decreasing it with cortisol. Increase the body’s immunity! How? Proper breathing increases it, sleeping well increases it, the minerals and vitamins I
will mention also increase it. In addition, taking probiotics to improve
the digestive system will also increase it. Eating honey and manuka
honey will increase immunity, The Nigella Sativa black seed increases immunity, onions and garlic increase immunity, ginger and turmeric increase immunity, but did anyone mention any of this?
No – prescribe cortisol! The third thing: reduce the stress – “Didn’t you
say this is caused by being upset?”, then reduce that. Reduce the high cortisol in the body; prescribe something that reduces it. Ashwagandha reduces cortisol, working out reduces cortisol, green tea reduces cortisol, vitamin ‘C’ reduces cortisol, but did anyone mention any of this? That’s what we do; reduce inflammations, increase the immunity, and allow the body to
fight these inflammations. Third point: make your nerves stronger! Make them stronger –
why is the facial nerve, or any type of paralysis
takes months or even years? Because the nerve – for
anything to be renewed, it must be supplied with a lot of blood, because it has a lot of cells, oxygen, new cells and antibiotics
that will provide healing. Every organ that has a lot of blood supply will be healed faster. When a piece of your skin gets cut
off, it’ll heal in a week when a muscle gets
injured, it’ll heal in a month, and when a bone breaks,
it’ll heal in 45 days. Blood supply! – but nerves don’t have a lot of blood. Not enough blood supply is
the reason it may take up to a month, three months,
six months or even a year for the inflamed nerve to heal. Now we know why nerves
take this long to heal; its blood supply is very, very low, and that’s okay. The amount of blood supplied to the
heart in a day takes a week to reach the liver, and takes a
month to reach the muscles. That’s why it takes six
months to reach the nerve. Understand why now? That’s why I want proper
nutrition for the nerves. Vitamin ‘D’; without a high
level of it in the body, the nerves won’t be healed! Forget about it…forget about it. Without ‘omega 3’ being in your body, your nerves won’t heal. Forget about it. Without antioxidants, glutathione, selenium, chromium and all of the amino acids, which are all very important,
the nerve inflammation won’t be healed. Consume high dosages of vitamin ‘D’; between 5,000 to 10,000 mg per day. And for the millionth time, don’t be afraid of vitamin ‘D’.
We never heard of a vitamin ‘D’ poisoning. Those 10,000 mg that you’ll take will only have 20-30% of them absorbed, and your body will get rid of the rest
because it is unable to absorb it all. So of those 10,000 mg your body receives,
it will only absorb 2,000-3,000 mg, which is your daily requirement. ‘Omega 3’ is very important, but I won’t even talk about it because
I already did hundreds of times. You should take all the
minerals that your body needs, and before any of this, take vitamin ‘B’; vitamins ‘B12’ and ‘B3’ are very
important to the nerves. Vitamin ‘B complex’ – all of
them are important to the nerves. So, as myself, if someone with facial nerve
paralysis came to me, and his face was affected here, what will I do? First, I’ll prevent foods
that prevent inflammations, and that’s the bottom line. Second, I’ll increase the body’s
immunity using all possible ways; sleeping, proper breathing, working out,
an basically everything we mentioned. Also, I’ll prescribe substances
that feed the nerves; vitamin ‘D’, ‘omega 3’, vitamin ‘B complex’, selenium so that the antioxidants
remove any inflammations in the body, and maybe some thistle seed milk,
known as Silymarin, to clean up the liver. If the liver is all cleaned up,
it can really help the body’s immunity. All of this plus physiotherapy
and using eye drops to prevent ulcers; that’s the treatment I would suggest to any patient with paralysis, whether
it’s foot paralysis or even hemiplegia – there’s another thing; another disaster: When the patient, my friend’s sister, came, he told me that half of her face was
paralysed, as well as one arm and one leg. I asked him how was that possible because
that didn’t sound like a facial nerve issue; the facial nerve only affects the face. But if it’s a problem in the brain, the left side of the face will be affected along with the right side of the body, or vice versa. This is a problem in the brain, dear. So don’t think the problem you’re
having is caused by the facial nerve if the body id involved; the facial
nerve doesn’t affect the body. If the body is affected, then that
means it’s a problem in the brain – change your doctor! The facial nerve only affects
the face and never arms or legs, so if the arms and legs are involved,
then that means it’s caused by the brain. This is an important
point to keep an eye on. In conclusion, what we studied in medical
school is absurd – simply absurd! Don’t reduce the body’s
immunity for any reason at all. Also, don’t use cortisone under any – it reduces immunity, causes diabetes, leads to obesity and
increases blood pressure – what can I say? We’ve spent all of
our life not wanting to be stressed, and why? Because it increases the cortisol. On top of that, prescribe more cortisol!? I mean, what can I say; you are free to think whatever you want. What I like in our ‘New thought’ family is that we use our brain and our instincts, but does that mean we reduce
the patient’s immunity and prescribe them
cortisol for three months just because it’s a
strong anti-inflammatory? What can I say, this is my message, and there are thousands of diseases –
oh, and the prescription that had antodine! My dearest doctor, when you prescribe something
to stop the stomach’s acid, that means vitamin ‘D’ won’t be digested
– how will you heal the nerves then? If the vitamins and minerals don’t get
digested, how will you heal the nerves? Also, since proteins won’t be digested
without the acid, how will the body receive proteins that will help it resist the
inflammation and heal the nerve? Just think about this! By the way I’m not
angry, I’m relaxed, guys, I’m relaxed. Just think about this with me, why would you stop the stomach acid? “So I can protect the stomach from the cortisol and the anti-inflammatory
substances” – they are poisonous, don’t prescribe them and instead
prescribe something natural. What do you think?
Is what I’m saying great or what? Don’t take anything that stops the acid, because you’ll be going against
nature and what God intended. Also, don’t take more cortisol because it’ll
be really bad if its levels become high – You prescribe cortisol – fix the body’s
immunity and prevent inflammations, then just wait and be patient. Your nerve will be alright, and when
it’s healed, it’ll be better than before. This is my message to what we studied in medical school
and to my ‘New thought’ family. Think about it, and – what can I say. Thank you for completing this episode – “My success can only come from Allah.
In him I trust, and unto him I look.” I’ll see you next time,
and peace be upon you. Bye.


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