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Severe Back Pain Get Relief with Gonstead Chiropractic

Severe Back Pain Get Relief with Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – You’ve had this for how long? – Years? (laughs) – Years. I don’t know how many maybe 10 years. – Ten years? – Wow, okay. Can you show me where in the
lower back you have the pain? – Between the middle. – Around the middle? – Yeah. – Okay. Does anything make this worse? Like sitting, standing,
walking, bending down? – Standing. – Standing, okay. – Now with the neck,
can you show me exactly. – In the middle, right on this side. – Is it maybe the left side? – No, mainly the middle. – The whole thing? – Yes. – Is there anything else
I need to know about besides this and this? You had mid back too. – Yes. – Can you show me where? – On that side. – Right over here? – Yeah, a little more high. – Little higher ? – Yeah. – Right over here ? – Yes. Comes back right there. A little bit there, tiny bit. – That’s where you have
pain over here right ? – Yes. – Yeah that’s right there. – Swings to the right
and goes back to center, right there, okay. – So I’m gonna poke around these areas, let me know if you feel any pain. – Yes. – Right there? – Yeah there. Yes there. A little bit. – This is worse ? – Yeah, oooh. – Relax your right shoulder. Nice, good. You’re good? – Yes. – That’s good, okay. – I’m going to give this a
push going that way, okay? – Okay. – Good? Not bad? – No. – So breathe in, all the way out. Good right there. Nice. Good. (mumbles) That’s good. Check the neck, right over here. Good, that’s a lot better. Okay, that’s it. You’re all set. So that’s pretty much what
it’s going to look like, in terms of the adjustments. – Okay. – It may not be the same things
every single time, you know. So some days, like
today we did everything, so your neck, your mid
back, and lower back today. Now it might not be the same every time, sometimes we’ll do two,
sometimes we’ll do three, sometimes we’ll might do one. – Okay. – So just depends on what we find, that’s why we’re going to use that scope, look at the X-ray, see what
your tolerance is for the day. Use that and go on. – Okay. – So for the first month,
if you feel any soreness in here, where we adjusted you. It’s pretty normal to
feel, if you do feel that, it’s just your joints,
they’re being repositioned. It’s kinda like if you
work out of the first time, it has to get used to it. If you do feel any soreness,
don’t be too alarmed, just put some ice on it or
a little bit 10 – 15 minutes and then you should be fine,
bring down the swelling but also let us know if you feel worse. You might have good days
and might have bad days, but again in the first
month it’s pretty normal to feel those changes. – Okay. – That’s pretty much it. Stay as consistent as you
can in terms of treatment and take it easy. Don’t do anything too
heavy or too extraneous. – Okay. – Try not to hurt yourself. All right you’re all set. – Thank you. – Take care.

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