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Sharp Shooting Pains Relieved with St. Joseph MI Chiropractic Care

Sharp Shooting Pains Relieved with St. Joseph MI Chiropractic Care

My name is Connie. I live in Dowagiac. I saw an ad in the MailMax about spinal decompression. I showed it to my husband, and we talked about
it. I was having a lot of lower back problems,
and thought maybe this would help. But then something happened one day and I
had very severe pain and ended up, long story short, having surgery on my lower back. The surgeon said that I probably couldn’t
go to the chiropractor anymore. But I told him about Dr. Rowe. And I came to Dr. Rowe, and he was aware that
I had surgery. So I came, and we did a… Dr. Rowe: A series of spinal decompression. So, the treatment that you went through was
spinal decompression on the low back. How did it help your pain? Connie: It started to lessen it… and it
just keeps me going. The pain that had been going down my left
leg, sometimes my right leg, it keeps it away, and I love it! I’ll just keep coming. Dr. Rowe: Since you been having the treatments,
have you been able to do more with less pain also? Connie: Yeah, yep. I haven’t gotten up to walking yet, which
I do love to do. That’s another problem that you can’t help. Yeah, it’s just made just moving better. I do have arthritis, so you know, kinda keeps
that at bay a little bit too. Dr. Rowe: Well, I hope you many, many years
of improved health. And thank-you very much for giving your testimony
today. Connie: No problem!

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