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Sitting on your wallet is one of the most overlooked causes of back pain, neck pain and even headaches. This is why I use the Ridge wallet as you can tell it’s streamlined to be in the front pocket and one of the main reasons that people don’t realize the why is sitting on that thick wallet can lead to that neck pain, back pain or even headaches it’s because when you’re sitting and you’re sitting in that big thick wallet you’re causing a different pressure shifts to the hip start to get imbalanced which then imbalances the lumbar spine that lower back and And can get to the head neck areas as well. This is the Ridge carbon-fiber wallet they’ve got actually many different styles that you can choose from if you guys put in the promo code of Y-Strap you’ll be able to get a 10% discount on your purchase lifetime warranty. So scoliosis, correct? Yes. All right and I know as you guys were saying so you’re back has been bothering you since you were like seven or eight. But she wasn’t first diagnosed with scoliosis until she was what about fourteen you said? Yes. Okay, actually, let me have you stand up. So I’m gonna have you turn around. So now the one thing especially where you really notice. Which I just want everyone to see now all of your pain is on this right side, correct? Okay, let me have you just slowly bend forward And So what you’re noticing on the right side all through here her ribs are protruding out like this and then on the left side is going more in so what’s happening is her entire rib cage is rotating like this. So come on up So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be doing especially a little bit more we’re going to do some drops on that right side to bring the ribs down and then also when you’re on your back, we’re going to do drops on the left side to bring just to bring that rib cage back. Now besides all the pain on the right side here what else are you feeling? Like what on a day-to-day basis? A lot of tightness in my shoulders neck and between my shoulder blades those are like the biggest and then also my my lower back too it’s like I can feel the imbalance when I sit. Like it’s one side of me is like higher than the other so it’s like when I sit down for a long period of time or stand up it starts to hurt. Let me have you lay face down on the table for me, please. Okay, so we’re gonna start off we’re gonna scan the body We’re gonna go from the cervical spine here checking the leg length and we’re gonna check the symmetry from that right side to left side So as I palpate down, let me know if anything is painful or tender. Right through here? Okay feeling things move already Okay, any pain in that low back like this? Not really when you do that. Okay So we’re gonna check the leg length. so as you can tell her right leg pulls short here, actually if you want to come over take a look at. So do you see how her right leg pulls short like that? Yep so on that right leg pull short, so the left hip is up just a little bit higher here, but it’s really right in here is what you can tell and what you can see a lot of so I’m gonna start off I’m going to use that massage device. I just want to relax things and then we’ll start with the adjustment. Let’s go ahead and get started here. Take a deep breath in and exhale out. One more time, and out. Okay, so what I’m gonna have you do I want you to scoop down on the table just a little bit. Yes right there and if it’s easier, you can bring your arms. Yeah to your side. A little bit more tension. These aren’t the most comfortable adjustments but with this cuz that right side is so Okay, let me have you sit up on the table and then straddle the table bring one leg on the other side. Bring the other arm up and over here good keep your thighs on table. So here we’re gonna rotate you this way. Yep. Look over the shoulder for me. So for you that right side is what we need to focus on but you know when we have that curve there, we’re also going to have a curve here. So we’re going to do very low on that left side. Okay, lay face down again for me, please. Getting better already Okay, so we’re gonna stabilize on the sacrum raise your right leg up for me any pain with that? No. Good relax. Raise the left leg up Any pain with that? No. Good Let me get you to flip over and lay on your back. Relax your legs for me, okay? Actually, sorry while you’re right here scoot down just a little bit. Good, right there. Okay, so when we had you the other way, we’re bringing that right side and pushing it down. So what we’re gonna want to do we want to bring that side back. A little lighter. Hands right there. Now you’re just relaxing cuz we were bringing this side. We wanted to bring it up. So I’ll bring that side down. And then same with these they’re probably not the most comfortable. Come on up. Okay, turn and face that way for me. Bring your arms up. Bring your hands up and over mine. Okay. Yep, squeeze your elbows good Good perfect. Okay. Take a seat right here. I’m gonna bring one arm up and over bring the other up and over. Take a deep breath in and exhale out Already released. Okay relax right there for me. Actually mom I could use yout, okay, I’m gonna have you Just kind of holding down, okay, just because you’re thin, you’re just gonna slide right up the table, so I’m gonna have you help just a little bit lift your head up for me. Breathe, deep breath in and out deep breath in and out. Deep breath in and out, oh yeah it’s shocking. Oh my god, wow. You’re not moving right now. Powerful technique wasn’t it? Very. Catch your breath. I see in your videos every time you ask how that feels it’s like a straw like one of those bendy straws, it’s like that. We’re not in a hurry, we’re not rushing. When I tell people this is a very powerful technique. Trust me, I’m not kidding. Yeah, I’ve seen it over and over again, I was just amazed it was even possible to do such a straightening of the spine so quickly. Yeah, but in like her case and in her scenario because of the spine Yeah The lateral flexion like how much it is it bent and you know, you know what you’re noticing you need a little bit more aggressive technique Was this a little bit different? Oh, yeah, it’s definitely I feel like just like with the chiropractor I was going to before it was just it was one of those chiropractors where they like do one patient after the next it was like an open adjustment, yeah, and I just felt like nothing she wasn’t really focusing on like what I really needed. She was just doing the same thing over and over again. Yeah When you have especially like to your extent of the scoliosis needs to be a little bit more specific but that’s why especially with the ribs when we did those Mm-hmm.Yeah, let me have you sit on up. Just So I know mom noticed this quite a bit. I know well you felt while you were laying there I know trust me you were almost like in a shock for a minute because it’s a powerful move. But I see every reaction in here, but nothing fazes me Trust me. I just tell people breathe and breathe it’s like you forget to breathe after. How are things feeling? Oh my god, yeah so much better like I just it just feels so much lighter. Like I feel it’s almost like you don’t realize how much stress is there until it’s all gone. It feels significantly different. Now granted the scoliosis isn’t gonna just magically up and go away especially after one treatment of course, but at least now you realize that symptoms of the scoliosis are completely manageable and as you can tell, you know when having it, you know, you’re getting a lot of pains and I know for you was more all that right-sided pain so at least you know now it’s you know without the use of drugs medications anything like that you can actually, you know, still live a normal life like it doesn’t have to make you only do you know. Or have to go to surgery. Correct. Correct. Yeah, because once you do surgery, I mean Yeah, you’ve got all the risks. And nobody wants to touch you afterwards if it doesn’t work. Correct. Correct So at your age definitely you know, I would be going with this route now granted, you know when you’re older and everything is still very painful thing, you know, if it has gotten that much worse then, you know, at least you’re out of like your youth you know because you don’t know and you know, like I I tell every patient like there’s a time and a place when someone needs you know a surgery and the thing is unfortunately if something happens when you’re young. That’s it. Like you said no one’s gonna touch after and that’s it So yeah, if we can manage it let you live, you know normal life, you know without pain that’s what we’re going to do. How are you feeling? Alright Headaches, the neck, shoulder, upper back middle back, lower back, hips. Give me a rundown. How are they feeling? Um, my neck just feels less like there’s no tightness anymore I just feel like I feel more balanced like I have my footing like I’m I often times feel I can just get pushed and then fall over. Just cuz I don’t have my balance a lot of the time. I just feel really good. Perfect this is how she needs to feel all the time. So recommendations on about the frequency? About four times a years. Yep, so roughly right around every three months Granted every one is a little bit. She’s still growing, you know still bones kind of a little malleable, you know to an extent. Yeah This will play a role in diffusion, you straightening everything out. Correct. Because at your age, you know things probably haven’t fully fused yet. We’ll get you better. Thank you so much. Your welcome.

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