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Škola chiropraxie: ZÁZRAČNÝ členok, AKO opraviť bolestivé RAMENO?…

Škola chiropraxie: ZÁZRAČNÝ členok, AKO opraviť bolestivé RAMENO?…

Come and stand here please Try to walk around and tell us how you feel and what is happening there. It stings, burns and here it really pulls, it goes to this point and it goes there from here and the pain is the worst here. Good, lay down. I will check this place if I see something. This is the correct leg, is it? Yes. It is this leg, I think that this little bone is not positioned correctly, nor this one. Do you feel it even now when you are not standing, during this movement? No, you must stand still. No – I must stand but I can feel the burning even now. Try to stand up if it is same. We defined the origin condition when it burned, and it really hurt in this point and now I tried to do something with it… And are you sure that this is better? In that heel, when I stand on her, I couldn´t do that before. Good, it means that we are defining the movement, this is serious matter. When you tried for the first time, it was zero it hurt much and 100% is totally ok. Can it be better? If yes, about how many %? 20 to 30. It means, that there is some small improvement, 20 – 30, 80 remained, so, there is some small improvement, What remained there? That heel. The heel, but it is not so sharp anymore I couldn´t stand on her like this before, because I would cry immediately, so maybe around 50-60%. It is better now. I mean that feeling from that is better and better, really You know, when somebody says it is a little bit better

and when I ask by how many % he says 90 It is better. So where can we be now? As it comes, it was a little bit better, it was the same for a few moments and it is a lot better now. But right now, is it releasing gradually? Yes, yes. It is like that regarding my therapies I went through. You know, the best things are the simplest ones, this is exactly what you will learn about, but the important thing is how you use that, fixing ankle can be very serious in some cases. Good, what is the situation now? Seventy, eighty. Seventy to eighty. I can still feel this point on the heel. Lay down, this is a different case, because when somebody is in pain for weeks, it is very uncommon that it will disappear immediately that would be great miracle and of course we should try to achieve them, that´s how it is. But I can see that the ankle is more satisfied, it was a common problem that occurs in painful ankle, but I think that we can make it perfect. Good? Thank you very much. This is often calling of shoulder that something is not ok. Here it stings. Stings, but when I put it like that, then it is ok. You know, it cracks, and it will, these shoulders and blade-bones are sometimes noisy, sometimes you can even hear them through doors. crack, crack, noisy, it is interesting. The most interesting case with blade-bone I experienced was, when one guy came to me and said that he had some injury and half of his blade-bone disappeared. I wondered because he really had some remaining part of the blade-bone, he did not even had surgery, So, it was very interesting. Good, we will look at that, come and lay down on your back. Was it the right hand? Yes, that one. We will try to check the situation there. I am fixing the shoulder while laying down most of the time but sometimes it is better for me to do it while standing, now we can do it this way, come stand here. There is a problem with blade-bone. So, lay down on your belly, we will explain that relationship between blade-bone and shoulder is very serious, put this hand a little bit beneath you, I must use a lot of strength here, hold this table for me, good, stand up, this blade-bone should be on better place now. Try to do this movement if it is the same. It stings less. So, the problem was mainly with the blade-bone, Less means by how many %? Fifty. Half better. Good, I will check what else needs to be fixed, I can still see C7 here, sit down, I will try to fix it harsh way, but of course, it is not a therapy, good, try again if it is the same even while you are sitting. It still stings the same. We will learn about two more points on this shoulder, when they release, these hands release too, and they are lighter, and they remain like that, perfect points for releasing. Here it looks like collar-bone is not in correct position, lay down on your back, it seems that collar-bone is dived, good, sit down again, raise your hand if it is the same. It is lesser again. But it pushes me more, either I am starting to be tired or you gained a strength in your hand, do you feel like you gained strength from this upper pressure? I think so, because it stings less, and I can use more strength. So, you are pushing better now. Good, how many % can it be now? I think that it is better by 80%. It stings very little. You have seen that the shoulder hurt, but the problem was in the blade-bone and in the collar-bone, it was not shoulder. So, it can be that different. Now I will release two more points, we will learn about them today. This is exactly frozen shoulder, I mean it is appropriate to treat this after therapy, sometimes it goes to the whole hand. Here are releasing muscle chains from front and back, we will talk about exact position of these points, mainly about back one, that one is very important, good, now try again. It stings the same. Try your hands. That one is better. Because I released this muscle here, when I do that it will straighten, now we will see if I am right, speak the truth. That one with muscles treated is better, So, I will do the same with other hand, good, now try the hands. How do you feel about them? They are the same. Do you feel that this other hand straightened? So, you can see how good these hands are after the treatment of muscle chains. Good? Here you are.

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