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Acupunture Treatment

Sliding/Moving Cupping Demonstration at LATHER Pasadena

Vanessa is going to show you what the plastic cups can do. We’re gonna go ahead and use the muscle ease gel. Not only does it feel really amazing, but we can use it
for a different kind of cupping called “Sliding” or “moving” cupping. We previously showed you stationery
cupping. Sliding cupping is when have some sort of gel or lotion or oil that lessens the friction.
We can slide the cup along the back and it feels like a very deep massage. It really deeply relaxes the muscles underneath. I’m gonna go ahead
and show that with the plastic cups okay? I just need a little bit of that gel. I’m gonna go ahead and apply it. Emily, if it’s too much just let me know. Its not! She likes it. Make it harder! So its gonna be a little cool as you know. The muscle ease gel is the best. It feels amazing. Okay so, I just applied enough to give the cups some slip, which you need for sliding cupping. And then I’m gonna go ahead and select the plastic cup. Fire Cupping used fire to create the
suction that was necessary to stick onto the skin right? This just uses
suction this is just a little bit easier and you really don’t need too much suction when it’s the sliding cupping. You just
want to make sure it’s okay to move. You can see. “That feels so good. Yeah. It feels like a deep tissue massage.” And you just slide it. And you can see the color
coming out right? “Yeah you can actually see it right away.”
“I can feel my muscles like totally relax” yeah you can see it. And its getting… The red dots area appearing more and more right? “It’s amazing and it feels a
amazing. And it doesn’t hurt.” Everybody always says it looks like it hurts, it doesn’t. So you just wanna do that, you wanna get the color out. She looks like she
has some tension if you look here. It looks like its starting to turn purple, almost a little bit purple. You’re done with one area, you go ahead and
release and you move on to the other areas and you can do that wherever there’s tension. It looks darker there. Yeah so this side she has more tension over here as you can see. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. So
this is starting to fade already right? But you can see there’s a little bit of
red…So this sides worse? Um, I wouldn’t say worse. I think their both pretty tense. I just traveled yesterday so that makes sense. Your tension is balanced. It’s just interesting because especially
with the cups you can see if a certain area is a little darker, like
that little area right here, that’s where more of the circulation is stagnant and
so I’m just gonna show you a little bit on another area of her upper back.
What instrument was used originally in acupuncture? The plastic or the
glass? So Glass Cupping is the “old school way” This is a newer technology. How did this come to be? did you know like who thought of this
and how do they know? Another old way with acupuncture and cupping in general,
was used when there were poison incidents or snake bites or insect bites. They would use the needle first and then they would cup to suck up the poison.
so I I think it kind of stemmed from that concept again when they realized it
was doing other things exactly. You can see it’s darker. Yeah,
that’s more along a scapula yeah. Wow so that was right away that red. “okay
so I know I need to come see you tomorrow”. How often do you recommend cupping?
With cupping, I would recommend
not getting cupping again until the marks go away. Usually these marks will fade
within three to five days depending on how much tension to start. With the acupuncture part, and it just depends on what you’re
coming in and why. Sometimes twice a week. If it’s just a tune-up, maybe once a month.
It just depends on your situation

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