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So Much Better! // Versatile Horsemanship

So Much Better! // Versatile Horsemanship

okay today’s July 16th very exciting
because Mainzer can almost put his head all the way on the ground I’ve not seen
him put his head down this low in a very long time it’s so awesome little buddy in today’s video answers gonna have an
appointment with the vet he loves scratches and snuggles and you
can do anything with him oh he’s been so great watch then that’s when he’s gonna
nail ya he’s so friendly though and he just started was it yesterday day before
I watched him try to rear up on his mama for the first time in over a month and
right there like we couldn’t touch his Withers for a couple of weeks without it
being without him clearly being painful yeah yeah now he’s like yeah so and he’s
now he can put his I watched him put his head down low enough to grab onto like a
like a taller feed pan that was on the ground and that’s the low it that was
just yesterday and that’s the lowest I’ve seen him put his head down yet cuz
he was to the point like we go out and he can’t put his head down to eat grass
yep he’s a nurse fine but July 11th was the first time I saw him canter outside
I took mom out for a little jaunt and he followed behind and now he’s doing a
little bit of running and bucking I haven’t seen him run around her buck in
the pasture at all in his paddock but he will when he follows Mom you got yeah do you want him held or do you want
a busy fine oh sure yes and he had to have his blood drawn twice and let me
tell you he did not even flinch oh he was so amazing oh and feel underneath
his belly right where the cinch would go it’s kind of like it feels like harder
this skin feels harder is that just from did you feel that okay okay but you can
tell you can tell that I like like I snuggled him constantly but yeah to see
him moving around like this like good so yeah I haven’t sent any look at he’s
even moving his head around like he’s gonna that’s fantastic yeah it was scary though I knew I saw
the video and the video and then used to like to see his personality like this
this feisty little guy to see him just um like do nothing like any thoughts and she was just like
prayer and I’m like oh right right and I was like the next morning I’m like yeah
and it’s like do I ask yes but um so yeah just to see him like and this is
great I can get a good look at look at his back legs from here you know the
left one is still a little bit bendy looking but so what I think happened is
I think when he did the back flip in the stall that I told you about that right
he put his but this is like I have not seen him do that outside at all like he
just doesn’t do this so there is the incident the stall where he flipped over
backwards and then it was like two days later he got zapped by the fence and
then turned and ran really quick okay so I almost wonder if he was you know his
back hurt and then he injured it more from that quick turn and run yeah so isn’t this great Amelia like everybody I
mean Amelia was here when it was you know dr. Vollrath saw the video but yes
well and actually what happened is Amelia walked out there with them and I
think it’s he’s so comfortable with all of us yeah and you walked out there and
he immediately like jumped up and he went over to mom and started nursing and
I’m like what yep he’s running and bucking and having
a good time out here yes so we need a Coggins on her Oh Mama’s loving that
she’s like please don’t stop please don’t stop
she says oh well that’s just awesome thank you she’s like I want my butt
scratched he’s running in bucking Nicky I know all
right Oh My heavens so if I bread her again I
mean every just it’s just like people know there is so infant she can retain did you spot it you doubt it shit out Oh such a pretty boy I can’t wait just like it’s been so fun
to work with them from day one I can’t wait she’s always like just like alright it doesn’t help that the Flies
are bad – well hey baby’s gonna get freedom look what she’s referring to
I think he’s yeah I think Palomino is what he’s gonna be because he’s got the
Whiteman his main in this deal I don’t know like the whole genetic thing I’m
not yeah I think there’s something was it done – I think the one parent has to
be a dime has a dorsal stripe down their back and then they get stripes on there buckskin has black men’s black mane and
tail baby in the medical supplies Oh Mia turn
your frisky thing regarding Oh Rica she’s like playing with the toy not me the bugs are apps holy horrendous but
this is such an exciting day it is July 17th and Mainzer is finally able to eat
grass again up to this point he’s not being able to put his head down all the
way to the ground because of the little injury that he had so I’m having fun
riding mica and well Mansour’s got a hold of the rope now little stinkers
nice to see him feeling better again well I hope you enjoyed today’s video
it sure is fun to watch this little guy run and buck and play and I’m so happy
that he is feeling better so I’ll see you in the next one bye

23 Replies to “So Much Better! // Versatile Horsemanship”

  • To see Manzer’s full story, check out this link ➑️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIR-JJucLqwK03czDuIMjodOXT0IsOxmm

  • So happy to see him play ..He is a true sweetheart..Manzer and mama are so beautiful…
    LOL @ 12:38 Mama said " No Manzer …stop it.."
    Manzer says "Oh mom… I just want to play!! "
    ( I love them both!)

  • Glad he looks so much better in this video. He was looking and acting a little study with Nika though. Going to have to watch him and really start reinforcing the ground manners you wish him to have, and discouraging the ones you don't. Some colts start showing the behaviour younger, but usually around 6 to 8 months it will start to show up. Best Regards from Ontario, Canada, Jenn.

  • Thank you for allowing me the privilege of watching Manzer growing up I enjoy it so so much xoxoxo. I never watched a foal grow up before.

  • Manzer & Nika are both looking great – glad that Manzer got over his injury so well. I could watch Manzer & his shenanigans all day – thanks for sharing this with us!

  • I'm so happy to see him feeling good. The little stinker is feeling like being a buckaroo now and loves that attention!!!πŸ₯° And I loved how Nika gently and lovingly corrected him for kicking her. Good Mama Nika!😊❀

  • Brandi, I really love this guy. I would love to have him. He reminds me of my Arabian+ ? who was a beautiful palomino weaned way too early, but he was so cuddly and friendly, we kept him a stallion. I used to run with him on a lead rope at 5 months with his white mane and tail flying in the wind. He was my heart horse. So happy Manzer is getting better. 🌈🐐πŸ₯° !!

  • What a friendly foal he is! Manzer looks happier and most of all, he's better! Even loves attention and play with someone! You have a prideful mare, mika! She's gorgeous!πŸ’•

  • I was smiling the entire video!!! Manzer is such a sweet boy it was wonderful to see him play. I was trying to count how many back leg kicks without touching the ground…maybe 4? HaHaHa little mischief boy!!

  • SOOO good to see Manzer feeling frisky and pestering mom a bit! He’s a saucy little fellow and he should enjoy every day of his β€˜colthood!’ Love that whirligig tail!

  • I'm glad Manzer is feeling better. These things take a long time to heal. He is such a playfull kid, so close to human. It's a joy to watch him pushing the ball 😍

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