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Spinal Column: Which vertebrae is where? | Nurse Stefan

Spinal Column: Which vertebrae is where? | Nurse Stefan

Ladies and gentlemen It’s SPINE TIME! And that’s how you’re going to remember how many vertebrae are in each part of the spine. Oh joo dunno? Just check the time! OK See, breakfast is at 7 o’clock and we’re gonna have crepes. For lunch, we’re gonna have tuna, but it’s gonna be at 12 noon. Dinner is at 5PM we’re gonna have some lasagna. The CERVICAL spine has 7 vertebrae The THORACIC has 12 and the LUMBAR has 5 Now to complete the spinal column, and quite frankly, eat like ya boy. We gotta get some snacks and cookies, That’s gonna be the SACRUM and the COCCYX The SACRUM kinda looks like the S in the Superman logo and the COCCYX is pointy like a .. cone … Like a cone.. And there ya got the full meal deal. Crepes at 7 Tuna at 12 Lasagna at 5 and then ya got your Snacks and your cookies at the end. Can’t forget that candy.

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