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Tallbarrste i skogen – Pine needle tea

Tallbarrste i skogen – Pine needle tea

Hey! Today…the sun is shining and the sky is blue And there’s snow on the trees It looks like a magical winterland And I’ve brought with me some stuff to go out in the forest and cook some pine needle tea I’m gonna bring you guys with me
and show you how it’s done It’s delicious, easy to make and really healthy I’m longing for a cup of pine needle tea So the journey begins to find a beautiful spot to make it on, preferably in the sun Oh, it’s so nice out today I get so happy by this, just look at it! Here I have some pine needles That actually was harder to find than I thought There’s alot of pines but the crowns are very high up. so it’s hard to reach But I finally found some I could reach The only things you really need for pine needle tea is water and pine needles And then if you want you can add some lemon and maybe a spoon of honey But pine needles and water is all you need If you’re out in the wild, you can cook it over a fire or by a “Gas kitchen” like the one I brought with me today And if you’re home, on the oven I’m gonna get started
I’m gonna boil some water Now the pine needles are cooking It’s gonna cook for about 10-20 minutes Oh! It already smells wonderful oooh it smells so good I wish you could smell it through the camera Pine needle tea is really healthy Both good for immune system and contains alot of c-vitamin It’s extra good to make it in the winter because then the pine needle has 6 times more c-vitamin compared to summer I don’t know why, but it’s good to get a “vitamin boost” now The water is turning green It has cooked for 5 minutes so it’s some time left Warming my hands it’s pretty cold today,
around -10°C (14 degrees Fahrenheit) So it will be nice with a nice cup of warm tea, from the forest It has now cooked for about 15 minutes
so I think it’s almost ready It smells very good at least A hot cup pine needle tea Delicious Oh god, so good It’s like drinking the forest It tastes pine needles, resin and tree
A fresh taste

100 Replies to “Tallbarrste i skogen – Pine needle tea”

  • I love seeing the world through your eyes! Thanks for sharing, I need to try out that tea. . . if I ever find pine needles 🙂

  • ohh pine needle tea❤ my friend and I went to the forest the other day to gather some fire and pine for salves and oils, and we had a little break for some fresh pine needle tea as well! I loved to watch the colors turning in the needles and it smells and tastes so so good! Like you said "The taste of forest"❤ Have a wonderful day, Jonna!

    (you can watch our forest adventures on my channel as well, if you like)🌲

  • Thank you for the translation of your video – I love the sound of your beautiful language but didn't understand what u saying until now – captions in English 👍🏼💕👍🏼

    and thanks 4 the tip on boiling/drinking pine needle tea – I did not know and now I'm heading outside 2 gather some needles 💕👍🏼💕

  • Åh vilken mysig video Jonna <3 Jag brukar ju göra granskottsirap som jag smaksätter vatten / té med men har aldrig kokat upp gran eller tallbarr bara sådär – det måste jag testa, tack så himla mycket för tipset och all mysig skogsinpiration! <3

  • хвоя горькая же вроде, кто-нибудь пробовал так заваривать?

  • I Will sit there by you and drinking a cup pineneedle tea with you .
    You live in the most beautiful country !
    Love from the Netherlands , Rini .

  • Förstår faktiskt inte alls vad detta har med Barnängen att göra haha. Men jag antar att det är allra bästa sortens samarbeten för oss tittare, när man inte ens märker att det är en reklamvideo. Mysigt det såg ut! Fantastisk vinterdag.

  • Never Never Never drink pine needle tea if you are pregnant~!! ((you will loose the baby)). . .sorry if i scared you, i just had to say it

  • You are so creative! ♥ This video was beautiful, just like all of the others. The tea sounds very delicious too! Thank you for sharing with us your recipe, and thank you to the subtitle contributor! It makes the videos even more enjoyable. 🙂

  • Man kan bara älska din röst och gläden i den 🙂 Var ett tag sedan jag såg dina videos nu. Men du har klart blivit bättre på att göra videos nu ser jag 🙂

  • It was -16°C here today, and I'm like Nope, eff that, too cold to go out! It's -10 in this video and you're in the middle of the woods making tea. Lol. The moral of the story is, I'm a weenie.

  • Where I live its now spring, but your videos make me miss winter 🙂 This year it was like it used to be once, about 2 months there were lying snow and it was freezing, I missed the snow through the last years 🙂
    Amazing video and I bet this tastes 100 times better outside than inside home 🙂

  • so so wondefrful, you have such a nice and loving vibration and i really enjoy your videos! Really need to try that tea! thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you are so beautiful and perfect and i love your voice how you send the world it makes me believe that I can give the world another chance in my opinion of it. I am going to try to be just like you and see the world just like you because you seem so calm and happy and peaceful! you inspire me :3 your words are like a wonderful poem and how you described the tea? "tastes like the Forest" I love it so much I wish I could be and think like you

  • I love you so much 💓💓💓 You are a very beautiful singer and woman…. and i love your vlogs they just make me so happy👐… By the way my name is Jojo and I'm American

  • jättenyttigt? nja, men du kan leva på det (knappt) ett tag i nödsituation men du orkar inte göra så mycket mer än att bara dricka det och du måste dricka litervis varje dag.

  • Do more cooking in nature video and show us the local shops around. Hehe.. so fond of your beautiful video. I imagine im living your life.

  • Jag lär mig svenska och den här video är faktiskt ganska hjälpsam. Jag kan förstå några ord, jag är stolt över det. ❤️ Älskar dina videoklipp!

  • This is so cool! I found your channel just yesterday after hearing your kulning on a facebook page. What is interesting is that you drink Pine needle tea as well. Been doing it for a few years now and it is awesome stuff! Love your channel <3

  • Wow love that idea and never try it before! I love drinking tea every day and trying new teas 😍 would it be possible if you could collect some pine needles from your forest for me and sell it?? It would be awesome to taste tea from a wild forest like that.. I live in Berlin and the forest here is ill and dirty it's so sad.. Could you contact me if it would be possible? Greetings from Berlin 💕

  • Does sweeden have wild animals like bears and such i absolutley love ur vids but would love to know if u have ever come into contact with wild dangerous animals on ur trips out

    We have lots of forests here in bc canada u would love but very many bears and cougars big cats with big claws so we must be careful

    Do u have bears thr to be careful for

    U are so in tune with nature im sure bears would come and have a cup of pine needle tea with u

  • Your videos are like much needed mini vacations! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful world. The stress here in the USA is palpable ( you can feel it)! If you pray, please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Om du kokar teet i 20 minuter så är det där C-vitaminet du pratar om borta. Vitamin c tål inte värme.
    A vitaminet är dock kvar

  • Your videos give me inner peace and also when I'm watching them it feels like I'm in the warmest and coziest place. Thank you♥

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  • You are the spirit and the soul of Sweden. Through you these are the trees, the rocks and the animals of this country speaking to us. You are the spokeswoman (ambassador) of the Nature.

  • Has anyone else tried pine needle tea? Is it really that good? I love her videos she is so cute. Like a little magical creature come to earth to each us earthlings.

  • Its better to infuse the pine needles into very hot water,turn off and put into a pot,covered to keep warm,if you keep on boiling it you will loose all the nutrients with the steam that comes off,infuse it for 15 minutes and voila.

  • Nice video 😁❤️ But isnt it better to add the pineneedles when the water is around 80-90 degrees? I read that when the water is boiling, you are “burning” the vitamins and other good stuff, from the pineneedles in this case. Correct me if im wrong! I always boil my water, then let it cool down for a minute, and then add the tea

  • I think you are the happiest person on the planet, you need to hold on and teach the rest of us, unfettered, crisp, clean, alive, real.

  • I think I’m learning some Swedish through your videos 😂 I can sometimes understand a word or so hahaha we have pines in Slovakia and yet have never made a tea out of it…greatinspiration 🙌🙌🙌❤️

  • I´m watching this video 1st of July in Finland and hoping it would be winter already… Not a big fan of summer 😀

  • Hey Jonna! You walk very often through the beautiful forest. How can you do It without feeling anxious about possible bears? I think I would be very scared!

  • Enfin une de ses vidéos traduite en français 🧐👍👏
    Milles mercis trop bien 👍🧘‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧🌍🌱💜💜💜

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