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TATSoul Tools of the Trade: ENSO Needles Overview

Hey guys this is Erica over here at
TATSoul. Today I’m gonna be talking about our highly sought-after Envy ENSO line of needles. These needles are made from the highest-grade Japanese steel that’s been forged in limited quantities. It’s comprised of optimal strength and
hardness. And what that means is the individual pins on those groupings
stay sharp throughout the longest of sessions. You’re able to go from doing colors, black and gray work, to putting in those white highlights flawlessly. All
of these ENSO needles have been crafted into the most consistent groupings. It
allows for super clean needle penetration. And it’s going to cause less
trauma to your clients skin. Every single ENSO needle goes through the same
meticulous inspection process that you’ve come to expect from our other
Envy Needle lines. It’s going to go through all of those same
processes before it reaches the box that you’re holding. Our ENSO Standard liners are a #12, long tapered needle. We also have some standard liners, where you’re
gonna find our ultra tights are going to be a #10 Just allows us to get that
tighter grouping. We’re going to jump over to our Bugpin needles. Those are going to be a #9, just like you’ll find with our Envy needles. We feel like the #9 is not gonna be too frail like a #8. And it’s not going to be too stiff like a #10. That #9’s just right and because
this is that Japanese steel and those pins are super sharp. As you’re putting
in those smooth black and grays, it’s gonna be like butter. You’re able to do
that color layering, things like that. Moving over to our Apex needles, these
are gonna be our hollow needles that center pin is pulled up. Again, super
sharp pins, super hard steel, you’re able to just pull those quick, fast, crisp
lines. Lastly, our ENSO Traditional needles. These are our most popular
needles. With those liners you’re gonna get those big, fat, bold, crispy lines. They’re going to be a #12 long taper, but the groupings are much looser.
You’re gonna get those fat, thick lines that you want for traditional tattooing. The mags are short taper and textured. Perfect for bold color fill-in, super
saturating, and the whip mags – these things are really badass. These things
are going to be short taper, textured, polished at the tips. As you’re pulling
up with those mags you’re gonna get that peppery gradient
that you’re looking for in traditional whip shading. That’s gonna wrap it up for
our different styles of ENSO needles. Make sure you jump over to the site, grab a box, experience the difference of that Japanese steel and those super sharp pins. Follow us on social media, hit us up if you have any questions – email or phone. And I’ll catch you next time!

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