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Dr. Doe: Berries, balls, ballz, jewels, huevos, nads, rocks, gear, dangly-bits, sperm banks, testes, deez nuts Whatever you call them, no matter how many times they’ve been kicked or how low they hang, I’ve got a Sexplanations for you about testicles. When I was a kid, I told my brother his testicles were made of peanut butter. They’re not. Testicles are a pair of egg shaped organs made of tiny coiled tubes that 1. Produce hormones, 2. Produce sperm, and 3. Move these hormones and sperm to other parts of the body. Mostly we’re talking about seminiferous tumbles: 300 meters per testicle sperm subway system nicely encased so everything is so smooth. The epididymis and vas deferens are more tubing that move the sperm from the testes to be ejaculated. Oh you know “vas deferens”, like “vasectomy!” These are the tubes that are cut or blocked to prevent sperm from getting into the semen. This episode. Holding all of this in place, is a highly sophisticated temperature regulating sack called the scrotum or ballsack, bean bag, or coin purse. It’s able to hold the left and right nads at different heights- -usually the lower on the left. This prevents them from smashing one another and keeps the sperm in there an optimal 3 degrees below the rest of your body. So when its chilly the scrotums muscular netting: all those wrinkles, pull the balls up closer to the body core and hangs them low and breezy when it’s hot, to protect the sperm. If you’re doing regular ball checks to note the health of your parts, the best time is after a hot shower because the testicles will be all *sexy voice* “here I am” Accessible and lax, just push the penis to the side, hold them one at a time to feel for any lumps on the surface that would otherwise be smooth. Otherwise, remember the epididymis and vas deferens are sperm tubing, not a cancerous growth. If you feel something that is kinda like chewing gum on the top and back, that’s them and anything else, go to the doctor. That includes if they’re swollen, tender, really itchy, oozing, or if you’re sexually active and need STI testing. The testicles and get twisted, called torsion. Enflamed, maybe because of chlamydia. And funky *sniffs* because of jock itch, pubic lice, or poor hygiene. *concerned tone* Care for your balls! You gotta wash with soap and water and talk with a medical provider anything seemingly abnormal. You want your testicles and the scrotum they’re in to feel great. Oh and some times the testicles do not descend from the abdomen before birth, or at all. One or more undescended testicle is called cryptorchidism. It’s also possible that descended testicles will retract into the abdomen. If you’re concerned bout it, ask a medical health pro. Usually though, testicles are hanging down and they experience pleasure from an assortment of sensations. Tickling, massaging, licking, teabagging: which is putting all of this in a partners mouth. Torture discussed here, drawing them away from the body to extend orgasm, or cupping them closer to the body to expedite it. Padding, pinching, kissing. *kissing sound* The scrotum is from the same embryonic tissue as the labia majora, so similar strokes! Note, of these feel goods are the same reason *smacks oranges* why a groin shot leads to the feel really bads. No large muscles, or fat, or bone absorbing the hit, just nerves. In the comments, please leave all your “ball-tastic” questions. Why do you have to turn your head and cough? Are blue balls real? Can you have more than two in a sac? Just a little exercise in staying curious! Thank you to all of you who support us in Patreon, if you’d like to be a Sexplanaut, and part of our Patreon community, Check it out and subscribe! *eating sounds* eat the balls! La la lala~

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