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The First Appointment with a Fertility Doctor: What you Need to Know

At the first consultation, I like to meet both partners, if possible and I’m going to take a full medical history from both parties. And the Medical history, I like to find out how long they’ve been trying for pregnancy for and also her menstrual history. I’d like to know if they have had any surgeries in the past , and whether they are smokers, and also if there is any significant family history. After the history, I may need to examine them if we need to and I’m going to send them for a series of tests. The usual tests involve blood tests to check their hormonal profile and also risk factors such as infections in the past. I also organize a pelvic ultrasound and also a tubal test for the lady. For the male partner, I will organize a semen analysis and also a fertility blood test for him as well. I will then bring them back the following visit and discuss the results and explain the results to them. I often get asked what men can do to improve their sperm quality. These days, jobs are very stressful, food is very processed so, therefore it is very important that men try their best to improve their health the best they can. Men should not be smoking and they need to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Sometimes they do need supplements and there are a number of multivitamins in the market that they can buy to supplement if their dietary intake is inadequate but overall they should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I would explain to the couples that there are a number factors that can help to improve their fertility. They need to remember that fertility involves two parties and therefore, they are both as important. They need to look at their diet, they need to look at their exercise regime. They need to look at their stress level and it is important that they do the best they can to improve their health because healthy couples make healthy eggs and sperm, which are the very important parts towards making a healthy baby. I see myself as the team leader for the couple, I’m the person to provide medical advice, medical knowledge and also support for this couple So, I will start the journey with them, trying to find out what’s going on. I will recommend the treatment to them and along the way, I work with my team of nurses and scientists to help them to achieve the goal of a pregnancy. Sometimes the patients see me as a friend, as a good support person for them because having fertility difficulties is a very difficult journey and they will need someone who understands to give them full support. I love working in IVF, because it is a very rewarding field in medicine because to go through the difficult journey with the couple, to watch the success of a pregnancy and when the patients eventually get there., The most rewarding moment is when I can do a ultrasound to confirm it is a viable pregnancy, so that is the most rewarding moment for me. [Title] For more information contact; [Title] City Fertility Centre Your partners in life 1300 354 354 cityfertility.com.au

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