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The First Fertility Consultation: What to Expect.

The First Fertility Consultation: What to Expect.

In the first consultation, we will discuss about the detail of your menstruation. For example, when was your last period and how regular is the cycle. Have you done any ovulation test to see whether you ovulated or whether you had any investigation in the past. For example, pelvic ultrasound, scan, blood test and whether you already have for example, some tubal check, Hysterosalpingogram or whether you already have a laparascopy done, checking any underlying causes, for example, endometriosis. For male, maybe check whether you already have a sperm count check before. Any other problem. For example, have any ejaculation problem and if the sperm has no sperm or oligospermia. After the first consultation, we will have all the investigations back we probably will decide what’s the suitable treatment plan for you. It really depends on what are the underlying causes. For example, some patients have an ovulation problem or cycle irregular. With the lady, you have the tubal factor. The tube’s not patent or sperm has a low count, and after discussions, some may be suitable for IVF treatment. Infertility treatments doesn’t always mean everyone needs IVF. So, after the doctor investigates or if, for example, some people maybe just need, especially the young woman, just initially when trying to fall pregnant. They maybe just need to monitor the ovulation, do some timing intercourse around the time we see your ovulation. Some women, if there’s a problem with ovulation we can give you some ovulation induction medicine, for example, Serophene and then do a timed intercourse. Some of them maybe need artificial insemination Further, some patients need IVF treatment. For example, they may have a tubal blockage or they have endometriosis. Their age is more advanced. Some women may be suitable for IVF treatment. When a couple come in to see me, they’re having a struggle for so many years with fertility. After we work together and go through and finally they achieve a pregnancy and I deliver their baby, it’s really special when they bring their baby to see me for postpartum care. I really enjoy that then because I can see they achieved what they want. They have a healthy baby to take home.

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