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The Practice of Chinese Medicine What is Cupping

The Practice of Chinese Medicine   What is Cupping

My name is Mona Chopra I’m an Acupuncturist here in New York City Cupping is one of the methods of
treatment used in Chinese medicine to help promote free flow of blood The traditional way of doing
cupping is how I do it which some people call fire cupping which
basically is using glass cup and I put a flame inside the cup to remove the oxygen and
then quickly adhere the cup to the person’s body that
just creates the suction and you’ll see that the skin and that muscle underlying kind of get
sucked up into the cup cupping is extremely helpful for all
kinds of musculoskeletal pain particularly any kind of pain along
the neck and back area cupping can be tremendously beneficial
for that. Cupping is really great also for any kind of what
we call in Chinese medicine like a wind cold wind heat condition basically if someone
has a cold common cold or flu any sort of respiratory condition bronchitis, even pneumonia, cupping can be very
very helpful if a person has a lack of sensation in
a certain area doing flash cupping which is, apply the
cup take it off apply the cup take it off
it really helps to rejuvenate and bring circulation to an
area so if an area is lacking circulation, cupping is extremely helpful for that. Cupping is
also helpful if someone has had an acute injury and there’s swellings. For example, if someone has
sprained their ankle and there’s a lot of swelling you can do
something called bleeding cupping which sounds like a kind of medieval torture technique but it’s actually not and its really very
beneficial which is simply taking a Lancet to the area of extreme swelling. Just a little prick there which creates an opening and then apply
the cup and that will allow some of the fluids that
are stagnating in that area to come up into the cup and drain and help the ankle to
heal Cupping is working in a broader
way and its also working a little bit more
with the flesh with the matter of it whereas the acupuncture point,
while it is working with the flesh and the matter
its also really specifically working with the chi
or the energy of the body and cupping is just a little more
of a gross technique in that way. So the combination
is actually tremendously beneficial acupuncture and cupping

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