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The Promise of Precision Medicine

The Promise of Precision Medicine

Jo Handelsman: Precision
medicine is an exciting new area of medicine that allows
us to use cutting-edge technology to match patients
with the treatments that will make them well. Precision medicine gives us
the tools to say what makes each of us different from
everyone else, and that’s a mixture of our genes,
the microbes that live on us and in us, the
environments that we live in, and all the factors in
the environment that we’re exposed to, as
well as our diets. All of those things come
together to determine how healthy or unhealthy we are
and the power of precision medicine is beginning to
interpret what factors will affect an individual’s health
or susceptibility to disease. We have technology now
that can sequence the human genome
quite rapidly. That means we can
get a sequence, or the alphabet
that forms the gene, for every single trait
in the human body. Precision medicine is now. We’re already using it,
it’s already affecting people’s lives, and
we now it works. But if we can expand it to
cover lots of different disease and health characteristics,
we will be able to treat all sorts of diseases that
we have no idea how to tackle right now. So the future of precision
medicine is enormous. This is a revolution
in medicine. I am so excited to be here
at the White House working on this initiative, because
I think this is one of the biggest things to
happen in medicine in a very, very long time, and will
really make the future health of people in
America totally different.

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