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The Stahl Family Welcomes Baby After Childhood Cancer Threatens Fertility

The Stahl Family Welcomes Baby After Childhood Cancer Threatens Fertility

– In April of 1997, I
was in the second grade. I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The chemo, for about 2
1/2 years, helped a lot, to the point where I’m now in remission. Throughout my chemo process, there was a chance that I would not be able to have children. But that did not push be back from trying. So we tried, and got
pregnant pretty quickly. It was overwhelming and
exciting, but at the same time the history of cancer was right there. – She’s the love of my life
and, I learned that children may not be an option for us. And, of course, that was
a point of real concern. (gentle music) – The biggest concern for
her was that she had had a history of childhood leukemia. So, after evaluating her, she was remarkably healthy. And, I think, she had closed that chapter on her previous illness. And we were able to continue with a normal, healthy pregnancy. – I was born in Weatherford, Texas and then, when I became
pregnant with Madison Kate, I knew that I wanted my baby born the same place I was born at
Medical City, Weatherford. Frances Walker was there. She delivered me with my mom. It’s like coming back home to family. And I knew exactly what the ladies in the Maternal Newborn could do, and I’ve seen them do. So, there was no hesitancy
as far as choosing them to take care of me and my
family ’cause they are family. And I wanted them to be a
part of me growing my family. Cory was like, “Look at what
we made, look at what we made.” And that was the first
thing I could remember when Madison was born, and
I started crying (laughs). (gentle music crescendos)

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