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The Story of Thousand Needles, Home to the best trinket EVER [Lore]

The Story of Thousand Needles, Home to the best trinket EVER [Lore]

Hello everyone! Last time we talked about the story of Feralas,
a zone that I apperantly butcher with my pronounciation but all the same, you wanted our exploration
to contunie into thousand needles. The cataclysm rocked the world hard and changed
many locations, it will be hard to find a better example then right here within the
thousand needles. The way it looked way back when is hard to
say since they didn’t really give it a description in the chronicles and all we really have to
go on is a description from the warcraft rpg. These are in general not considered to be
canon, not part of the official lore but still….this is what it says: Before the great Sundering, the region of
Thousand Needles was a river canyon, the spires of sandstone shaped from years of rushing
water. Water flowed to the sea from a large lake
to the east, fed by an underground tributary. Then came the demons and the destruction that
threw the entire world into upheaval. The canyon was thrust above the water table;
the eastern lake dried into a vast salt flat and Thousand Needles became a sandy gorge. The long canyon stands as a natural divide
between central and southern Kalimdor. The realm gets its name from the dozens of
giant, cylindrical columns of sandstone that rise from the bottom of the canyon like a
forest. Bridges have been constructed atop many of
the spires, connecting pathways across the canyon from one side of the surrounding mountains
to the other. To the east of Thousand Needles, the canyon
opens into a large, dry lakebed. This dried-out salt flat is actually below
sea level. At its center stands an alkaline lake with
ten times the salt of any ocean. The sere region is so hot, dry and salty that
few creatures venture here. Lizards, scorpions, vultures, and birds of
prey are not uncommon and neither are centaur war bands. The spire bridges allow travelers to traverse
the canyon without running into the barbaric centaur who patrol the canyon floor. The bridges are not entirely safe, however,
as birds of prey will attack the unwary. Larger birds have even sabotaged the bridges
from time to time. There is very little of interest in this land,
unless someone has a passion for salt or sandstone… or oil. Or one of the greatest trinkets that classic
world of Warcraft had to offer. When I think back to the thousand needles
during classic, not a lot of the story stands out. There was however the carrot on a stick that
would always make me visit the area. I mean, come on, who can resist like a 3%
mount speed increase… At the Mirage Raceway we found Pozzik a goblin
affiliated with the bilgewater cartel and a rocket car enthusiast. He has a long-standing rivalry with gnome
engineer fizzle brassbolts over which is superior: goblin or gnomish engineering. In an attempt to prove the superiority of
their respective race, pozzik and fizzle built the mirage raceway on the shimmering flats
in thousand needles, and both build rocket cars and enlisted teams to drive them. A competition between goblins and gnomes while
the carrot on a stick was rewarded to adventurers brave enough to confront Gahz’rilla. That wasn’t as easy as it is today though. You couldn’t just click on the gong to make
the beastie spawn, you needed the mallet of zul’farak. Obtaining it took you all the way to the hinterlands
not to mention you needed a group to get the quest done, but that trinket was more then
worth it. You could also go for the speedy racer goggles
as your reward, but I don’t recall anyone going for that reward. With the water rushing into thousand needles,
they not only lost their racetrack, but also some of their loved ones. Now they’ve taken to life on top of the
water with their beautiful Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge. A culmination of goblin and gnomish ingenuity. Having these two opposite races spend so much
time together on a small living space sometimes causes a bit of trouble but nothing the brute
squad can’t handle. Even our traveler, on route to Gadgetztan
made a stop here. He describes it as a cross between a city-size
ship and an artificial island, with its own set of docks on either side and a warren of
buildings – or perhaps machines – built atop it. Aram thought the Speedbarge was surrounded
by more boats than he’d ever seen in any one place – including Stormwind Harbor. That was not by accident as they arrived in
the middle of the annual fizzle and pozzik’s speedbarge boat race, sponsored byyyy MEGA. The mechanical engineers’ guild of Azeroth. The time for engineers to shine and show off
their incredible speedboats, while grabbing a drink in the bar and listen to the soothing
tones of the ever smileing daisy. With the water connecting thousand needles
to the high seas opened the way for the southsea pirates lead by Tony Two-Tusk to come in and
cause a bit of trouble. He has build a pirate empire out of nothing
and the treasures lost to the bottem of the sea are his to be claimed. Or atleast that’s what the troll pirate
thinks. We have something to say about that as we
gather the material to make our own boat, repel the attacking pirates and make way to
their headquarters. Getting to Tony isn’t going to be easy as
he has a whole lot of ogre guards. Perhaps by recovering their sunken treasure
and bribing the ogres, our trip into the admiral’s den might be a little bit less lethal. Who cares if their treasure is actually fake,
the ogres will never be able to tell the difference. Treasure be a pirate’s best friend, but
it isn’t enough to save Tony’s life. The troll is tricky though as his spirit is
now haunting us and will do so till the end of our days. Anoying us every step we take, we have no
other choice but to bring him back to life. His girl Ajamon Ghostcaller might be able
to help us with that. Not because she particularly likes him or
anything. She has plenty of spirits to keep her company. She just doesn’t want him to get out of
paying his alimony, besides, there’s also the baby he had with her sister that needs
taking care of. Tony the sly dog has some unfinished business
and we gather the stuff she needs to bring him back. The heart of Evil Dolly, Seadog Fajardo’s
Lungs and Lilly Landlubber’s Liver. Normally we would need lots of other things,
stuff from his family, but that’s only herself and her sister’s boy…Tony aint worth that
so instead we gather a whole bunch of carcasses from the animals that drowned with the flooding. A bit of nostalgia for the many creatures
we used to kill while questing in thousand needles. The last step is to slay someone with the
big mojo in Tony’s presence. No, its not going to be her. We set our eyes on Mad Magus Tirth, a name
that might sound familiar to those who have watched my master piece on the story of the
angry chicken. He used to hang around at the race track,
enjoying the booze a little bit too much, foolishly believing that he was powerful enough
to stop the waters rushing in with the cataclysm. He still does, blaming his apprentice Plucky
Johnson for his incessant clucking, constantly cursing him into a chicken. Finally his mighty mojo will be put to good
use as we bring Tony Two-Tusk back to life. No longer does his spirit haunt us. He jumps right back into the world of the
living expecting to have a date with Ajamon but she’s a’ready sorted. Hard at work at summoning up a date for later. Tony Two-Tusk would later on join the race
our traveler was observing and remember that the traveler book takes place after the cataclysm. Horde and Alliance, goblins and gnomes might
be able to get somewhat along with eachother on the boat but that’s not to say they don’t
have their conflicts. Where these days we’re fighting over a resource
known as Azerite, right here in thousand needles it’s oil that’s the real power source
they desire. Just one problem, with all the water the major
source of oil is now in the hands of the Centaur. Negotiations are taking place to see who gets
the right from Khan Blizh to pump out that liquid gold. Both sides offer way more gold then the other
could ever muster, both sides are probably lying to the centaur and both sides decide
to just take it further and offer fake gold in the form of pyrite ore chunks. A move that the centaur can’t really appreciate,
they might be savage but they’re not stupid and we’re no longer welcome. No problem at all, we’ll just set up our
pumping operations anyways. Just try to stop us from destroying the land
and stealing what we need. Silly Centaur, how dare you say no to the
heroes of the alliance and the horde. One of the final stories that I want to cover
for the zone today is all about Magatha Grimtotem and her Grimtotem Tribe. The grimtotems have always been on the more
hostile side amongst the taurens with their leader Magatha disagreeing with Cairne and
the direction he was taking the tauren. When I mentioned Cairne’s fate, some of
you wondered why he didn’t kick out Magatha before it was too late, but Cairne always
believed in the idea of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. But he did not see the real threat magatha
posed, the lengths she would go to wrestle control from the tauren. It was around the time just before the cataclysm
where Warchief Thrall handed over leadership of the Horde to Garrosh Hellscream. Many disagreed with this decision, including
Cairne and Garrosh himself, but Thrall had made up his mind and saw something in the
son of Grommash. As he went on his journey to Outland to learn
more about what was happening to the world, discover more about the coming of the cataclysm
and become a better shaman, Garrosh took charge. New incursions took place into ashenvale which
enraged the alliance. Tensions between the factions flared, and
open war seemed inevitable. Some of the horide’s members welcomed these
bold and aggresive maneuvers, but cairne did not. The elder tauren did everything he could to
reason with the acting warchief and prevent bloodshed. In cairne’s eyes, garrosh was leading the
horde down a dangerous path, one that would inevitably destroy it. Garrosh did not listen to his wisdom, and
so cairne spoke the only language the orc would understand. He challeneged garrosh to a mak’gora, a
ritualistic duel. Before a crowd of onlookers, the tauren and
the orc fought for the future of the horde itself. As was custom, a shaman was allowed to bless
their weapons. Magatha saw her oppertunity and secrely coated
garrosh’s legendary axe gorehowl with poison. On one side stood the promise of a peaceful
future. On the other, the promise of blood and conquest. It was blood and conquest that won that day. Cairne fought bravely, even had the advantage
until one single hit and the poison did the rest. The tauren who had lived his life with honor,
died betrayed. After the duel, magatha led a coup in thunder
bluff and seized the city. Yet her victory was short-lived. Cairne’s son baine was warned and survived
their surprise attack. No aid for Magatha would come from the warchief
as Garrosh was pissed. He was furious that she had poisoned his blade. It had tarnished his victory in the makgora
and called into question whether he was truly a better fighter than cairne. He left her to her fate and with the aid of
Theramore, Baine launched a counterattack that deposed magatha. He had every right to execute his foe, but
he stayed his hand. He looked to his father’s teachings for
guidance, and he decided that walking the path of honor and compassion was the mark
of a true leader. In the end, he exiled magatha and those that
remained at her side, far from thunderbluff. In the case of Magatha it appears she made
her way to Darkcloud Pinnacle, a grimtotem stronghold in thousand needles. The grimtotems have been fighting with the
forces at freewind post for quite a while now and moved in her with their attack when
the waters rushed in. It’s almost as if they knew what was going
to happen. Attacking them at their weakest moment… No more… The grimtotem have struck them for the last
time. Since they cannot be taught the error of their
ways, we will destroy them like beasts. May the earth mother forgive us. With each step taken a new grimtotem brave
shows up to fight us, but step by step we retake the area, on the ground bodies linked
to quests of the past. Magistrix Elosai was a blood elf exiled for
her studies to find a cure for the blood elves’magical addiction. She believed that with our aid she might succeed,
tried different methods to halt her addiction but instead ended up not curing it but actually
accelerating it. She became a wretched. All those years of research… and for nothing! Perhaps they were right, perhaps this is something
they must learn to live with. If only she knew that the blood elves would
regain access to the sunwell, not that it matters much now as her corpse is on the ground,
still holding on to the vial that she drank from. The broken body of Lorekeeper Montarr, a reagent
vendor in classic, now lies in a pool of his own blood. A trail of droplets leads back to the inn
where Cliffwatcher Longhorn reveals that he has been with the grimtotem taurens since
the beginning. This despite offering quests for classic heroes
that did seem to help out Freewind post. The horn of the traitor is taken, allowing
us to command the spirit of the cliffwalker to fight for us, a small bit of vengeance
for Montarr. In the present we deal with the grimtotem
by burning their weapons and taking on their most formiddable leaders while also comming
across something rather interesting, a rattle of bones. This is a part of shu’halo ancient myth. It is always connected with the writ of history
and the drums of war. They are supposed to be powerful tauren artifacts;
gifts from the earth mother if the tales are to be believed. As we pick it up, the windserpent Arikara
shows up, urging us to follow. Believed to be a creature of vengeance, we’ve
dealt with Arikara before during classic. With the aid of Magatha we made sure that
it posed no threat to cairne, but now it seems like these two have a much closer connection
as she uses the beast to communicate with us. With the writ of history and the drums of
war in our possession, we’re complimented on being able to follow simple clues. The old crown has one more challenge to ssee
if we’re worthy and has a small request of killing her nephw Arnak along the way since
he has become something of an embarrassment to the family. The chief of chiefs has many grimtotems to
fight at his side, btu goes down all the same. In the cave we rescue the captive bride Lakota
Windsong who’s been captured by Arnak twice now. She asks us if we killed him, too which she
shaman looks sad for just a moment, but is still very happy to be free once more. Now for that challenge from Magatha, a fight
with Arikara and the spirits of some elders. Upon its defeat she gives us our next clue
on where to track her down, she’s been taken prisoner by the twilights hammer. These are the people all for bringing about
the end of the world. They saw the coming of Deathwing as a great
thing, teamed up with his forces and while Magatha is not exactly sure where they’ve
taken her, we can be certain that a mighty shaman like herself in the hands of the twilight
hammer is not good for anyone. Our search begins at Highperch where we run
into Pao’ka Swiftmountain. He used to be an escort quest as he tried
to study the wyvern and got a little too close, lost after being chased away from their nests
but these days he’s alot more in charge trying to protect the creatures from the twilights’s
hammer. We save the little ones and murder the filthy
twilight trappers. The alpha male Heartrazor is cut free and
even kind enough to give us a ride to the man in charge the one that needs to be removed
to stop their trapping operations. While we’re busy saving the local wildlife,
Lakota came by. She told Pao’ka to tell us to meet her east
at the twilight bullwark. That must be where they’re holding magatha. Not just her either, more prisoners are held
here for wahtever dark pursoses these cultists might have in mind. We free them while gathering up a disguise. Making our trips into the twilight camp a
whole lot safer and a lot easier to take care of theirs since now we can simply distracts
them and murder them from behind. For magathas chains we’ll need a special
code from a device near the codemaster, with it we finally set the elder crone free. “magatha quote” She’s not exactly a good guy, still very
arrogant and rude, working on her own dark schemes but at this very moment the twilight
hammer is a much larger threat. They’ve summoned a monstrosity known as
Animus. At its core is an artifact called the doomstone. One of its properties is an ability to absorb
a great deal of energy, fead by two bound elementals which we release. With the doomstone the cultists are trying
to set off an explosion by overloading the stone and amplifying its power through the
elemental. If they succeed, the rest of thousand needles
and much of the surrounding lands will be obliterated. This musn’t happen, can not happen. By brekaing through its defensive shield and
fighting through the gathered elemental powers, we stop Animus before their catastrophic plans
can succeed. For rendering her faithful service, Magatha
grants us our life and holds on to the doomstone…just for safekeeping of course. At the time we had no idea what this meant. Was magatha going to come back and destroy
us? Is she in charge of the twilights hammer now? Nobody knew, not until the expansion known
as Legion. Heroes rose up to form order halls and defend
the world of Azeroth against another invasion from the Legion. Shamans gathered at the Maelstrom where suprisingly,
magatha dared to show up to ask for their aid. “I am Magatha of the Grimtotem tribe, and
I will be heard!” Her people, the Grimtotem have come under
attack by the demons. She has lost a few possessions that are dear
to her, and she wants our help. If we grant it, she will offer her services
against the Legion so despite our history, together we travel back to the Darkcloud Pinnacle
where we find the the Grimtotem Tauren fighting for their lives. While we go about freeing her people from
their cages and killing a whole bunch of demons along the way, we also focus on getting back
the Doomstone which was taken from Magatha. This artifact of power belongs in her hands,
not theirs so we take on doomsayer Baelresh and reclaim it. “You want the Doomstone, Shaman? Come, take it!” While we work on this, Magatha makes sure
to get her Windserpent Arikara back. Now we’re not handing over this powerful
artifact so easily. It’s much safer in Nobundo’s hands at
the order hall and since the crone refuses to leave its side, she’s welcome to make
us a portal back to the Maelstrom or else we’ll simply leave alone with it. Our adventures with Magatha would continue
on during Legion with her eventually becoming a follower for the order hall, but for now…this
is the major story of Thousand Needles. A very dry land that was flooded by water,
engolved in conflict, a beautiful location for goblin and gnomes to figure out who’s
engineering is the best as they race on land and water. By all means let me know where you’d like
to take this adventure next, let me know in a comment down below which zone you’d like
to see covered next. For now thank you very much for watching everyone! Subscribe fi you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one….aaaand until next time guys! See ya.

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