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The Truth About Doctors’ Appointments (comedic)

The Truth About Doctors’ Appointments (comedic)

(Captions by Emily S) (Typing Noise) The doctor always calls the second you leave your phone to go to the bathroom (Whirring Sound) The hospital is sure to connect you to ten different people before you finally speak to the right person. Hi, is this the radiology department? No, sorry man. This is the dietary Uhhh…. Let me connect you Hi, is this radiology no, ma’am, I’m sorry, it’s not but I can connect you I’m assuming this is not the radiology department. Let’s be real Can you ever read the doctor’s note. Take one pill orally and make sure to take it at night? (pausing throughout speech) don’t and don’t forget to be Are you kidding me? When insurance makes absolutely no sense. Yeah, yeah. I know. I totally understand that. You guys said that you’d only cover one orthotic. Um, but I have two feet What no one can remember what the doctor actually said. (high pitched voice) Honey, where are your crutches. (Izzy) Mom. The doctors said I don’t need the crutches anymore (Mum) She said in two weeks you don’t need them anymore. (Izzy) Oh my god, you’re so wrong! and every time you call a doctor’s office it says (Voice on phone) If its a medical emergency please hang up now and call 911. Thank you so much for the reminder I actually thought it was one two three .When the doctor asks you to confirm your birthday and you just somehow hesitate and you feel so sketchy. Oh, yeah my birthday. Um, March 5th 1997 heh That horrendous music they play while you’re on hold. I think they do it on purpose (Fun music) This music sucks! When the doctor’s office is only ten extensions away (Fast talking on phone) When you finally dial those ten extensions and they answer your phone call … and then it hangs up Hi. Yes. Thank you so much for answering. Um, I just have a question about my fillings could you help me with that? (Voice on phone) Sure. Let me just put you on hold while I bring up your information.(Izzy) Okay. Thank you (Hold music) (Beeping) Are you kidding me! When they give you a few pieces of paper or Stacks of paper to fill out. (Voice off camera) Please have a seat and fill these out. (Izzy) Thank you When the doctor does a little bit of prompting of their achievements Geez, could you tone it down a little? When the doctor tries to sell you things I’m gonna prescribe you my face cream that might help with your wrinkles that you might get in 30 years and While you’re at it, you should probably pick up my book at the front desk. After the appointment You’re never sure if you need to check out or not Do I need to check out right now or my no, I’m good okay (Nervous laughter) Thank you, and that was the truth about doctors appointments. (Funky outro music)

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