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Trouble In Paradise Married To Medicine – Full Opening (Season 6, Episode 10) | Bravo

Trouble In Paradise Married To Medicine – Full Opening (Season 6, Episode 10) | Bravo

eviously on… – Technically, our first
vacation as a couple was Cabo. – Yeah, but we was a
couple that was not married. That was us having sex
before marriage. I’m sorry, Avery
and Ashton. – So Miss Quad, how
are you? – Of course, I filed
for divorce. I’m no loner wearing
my ring. I have relocated. – This bitch, Mariah,
she said my husband was cheating
on me. That ain’t true! I told her she was a low
down dirty bitch. – You went back to your
old pattern. – I just can’t stand a liar.
– How you feeling? – It feels like searing. Like, you know how you
burn yourself? It feels like that. – Contessa says she’s
doing good. – It’s been like three
weeks. – Maybe she just don’t want
to be around Toya. – Well, if that’s the case,
bye bitch. I decided to plan this couple’s
trip because you suck at it. – What you gonna do about Quad,
who’s not coming as a couple? – There are gonna be some
times that’s gonna make her feel probably
alone. ♪ Now paging
Dr. Jackie ♪ ♪ Dr. Simone ♪ ♪ Dr. Heavenly ♪ ♪ Dr. Contessa ♪ ♪ Toya ♪ ♪ Quad ♪ ♪ Mariah ♪ ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪ We work them ♪ – Are you ready to go to
school tomorrow? – Yes. – I want you to be in big boy
mode tomorrow, you understand? – Yeah. – ‘Cause all you did
was fall off your bike and bust your head. – I never knew that you
had to cut it and the stem and– – Thought you just all
just throw it in the vase, right? – That’s how they put it
in the store when you get it. – You just never pay
attention. ♪♪♪♪♪ – Don’t try it, don’t
try it. Who are you hiding
from? Hey, my baby girl! Hey, my baby girl! Hey! How are you? – Good.
– Can I get a hug today? Thank you. How are you? – Good. – Now, question
for you. Has your mommy been
eating right? She did? Oh my
goodness. – And chips. – This year in my
practice, I actually have cut
back a little bit. All right, let me check
you first. – It tickles! – And now, Curtis
and I spend more time doing things
together. – You know what you’re
doing with that, huh? – Yes, honey. My daddy taught me how
to clean a car. I’m seeing less patients,
but I’m spending more time with each
patient. Now, we’ve got to feel the
top of the stomach, you feel it? – Mm-hmm.
– Perfect! Don’t do the baby like
that, Taylor! Don’t treat– Let me see, she said. She said “Taylor hurt me!” I’m in a better
place. Now, wipe the gel off
her stomach. I’m spending time with the
man that I love. I’m spending time with
friends that I adore. Give me a big hug
before I go. It’s peaceful for me. – Bye.
– See ya! ♪♪♪♪♪ [doorbell] – Contessa, how
are you? And I got all of this
stuff for you! How are you? – Girl, you are just–
– How are you feeling? – You a ray of sunshine,
oh my god. – You walking like
you’re cripple, girl. – Shut up.
– What’s going on? – Shut up! – The hell wrong
with you? – You bought me a baby
blanket? – I didn’t know what
to get. Look, I got you– – This is perfect.
– A massager. – This surgery, the
hardest thing for me is just to realize
my limitations. – And this is for your neck
’cause I know you know– – Yeah, ’cause I have to
lay on my back. Picking up my kids. Wait baby, let
me see. Let me tell you–
Oh! I’m not able to do
it right now. You are a beautiful
person. – Just a lot of little
things that– – Heavenly.
– You’re laying around, so. – I can’t wait to get back
to my normal self. – What’s going on? I ain’t seen you
since FitNi! – I know, baby,
I know. Life is boring for me
right now, I ain’t working, I ain’t got nothing but
my babies. – Well, you look good! – Thank you so much,
you think so? – For real? – Mm-hmm. – Can you see the
difference? – I can see something.
– A little bit? So, what cup is
that, a B? – I think it’s gonna
be a full B or a small C. – I don’t understand why
somebody would go through getting a
Double Mastectomy and getting reconstructive
surgery and getting the same
regular ass breasts. It’s just like getting a
damn ass job and coming out with
no ass. That’s not what
you do. Men like breasts. ♪♪♪♪♪ [doorbell] – I like the doorbell. – Oh! Look at you looking
all cute! – Am I giving you
Boy George? – I don’t know what the
sassy asymmetric is giving me. Boy George isn’t really
coming to mind right now. – This is my costume wig. – I know. Come on in,
honey. Have a seat,
Mariah. – Oh, I have a place
setting. – Yeah.
– Oh! – Yeah, and
everything– – Did you cook for
me too? – I did. The last couple of years,
I’ve just not been a player in the
kitchen. – You need any help? – No, I got it. You just relax,
I want to serve you. Mainly because I
don’t cook, I pick up and serve. – I’m going to definitely
enjoy it. – Girl! Girl what is up with
the tea? What the tea?
What’s the tea? What’s going on? – Answering someone
else’s door! – This woman can’t even
really walk. – Look how pretty
you look. – How are you?
– Ain’t she cute? – I ain’t gonna squish
you, no just head to head. We can do Eskimo kiss
if you like? – What’s that?
– No, Eskimo is nose. – Oh! It’s just so nice. Heavenly and then Quad
checks on me? I’m like overwhelmed,
you know, ’cause you know who a friend is
when you’re in need and they come and
see about you. So did y’all go to
Mariah’s party? How was it yesterday? – Child, no I ain’t go. – It just hit me, you
file for divorce and you’re preparing for
a Black Love Party. I just can’t go, I’m just
like I can’t– – Oh, give me a hug! Oh, poor– Oh no,
baby! – She’s gonna have a damn
Black Love Party ’cause this bitch having
a divorce. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean
to call you a bitch. Queen, ’cause this queen
having a divorce, you’re gonna have a party
celebrating Black Love? What kind of sh–
is that?

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