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Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress Review – Their Best Yet?

Joe: What’s up everyone? My name is Joe. I’m
from Mattress Clarity. Today, I’m going to be talking about the Tuft & Needle Hybrid
mattress. I’m going to be telling you everything you
need to know about the mattress, run through the construction, the pros and cons, how it
feels in different sleeping positions, who it’s a good fit for, who it’s not a good fit
for. By the end of the video, you’re going to have a pretty good idea if you’re going
to want to get it, so stay tuned. [music] Joe: If you want to see a list of my favorite
mattresses, simply Google mattress clarity best mattress. If you have any questions about
today’s review or you want me to give you a personal recommendation, I’m happy to do
so. I do read and reply back to every single comment
on YouTube, so leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. All right, we have the Tuft & Needle Hybrid.
It comes from Tuft & Needle, obviously. I’ve reviewed that mattress, the original mattress,
many times before and the Mint mattress. I’ve also reviewed a ton of hybrid mattresses recently,
so I decided to jump in and see how this mattress compared to all those other mattresses. Let’s start by talking about what’s inside
the Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress. Starting with the cover, the nice, soft cover is actually
quilted with what appears to be memory foam. You can see here if I squeeze there, it’s
that slow-moving memory foam feel, so that’s pretty nice. Moving on to the mattress now, we have adaptive
foam, which you’ll see in the other Tuft & Needle mattresses. It’s infused with graphite and
gel, so it’s going to help you sleep cool. It also combines memory foam and latex-like
qualities, so you’ll see that it’s pretty responsive, pretty soft. It’s going to have
good pressure relief. You can’t really see here, but there’s a quick
little layer of micro-coil that’s going to help individually contour the curves of your
body, be supportive and comfortable at the same time, then a transition layer and pocketed
coils. A very interesting construction overall here.
Because of this memory foam quilting, you’re going to sink into the mattress a little bit,
get a tiny bit of that memory foam feel, but underneath that, it’s going to be very responsive.
We’ll see what that looks like. It’s going to be a balanced feel. It’s also
going to be very supportive. You have two sets of coils in here, and pretty comfortable
as well. You have a pretty thick comfort layer. It’s both comfortable and supportive, and
you’re going to sleep cool at night. Now, let’s talk about firmness and feel. As
far as firmness is concerned, I put this mattress at about a 6 out of 10, with 10 being the
firmest. It’s a little bit softer than average. The reason I feel that way is you have some
soft foam layers on top. It’s easy to put your hand down into the mattress initially,
then it gets quite firm underneath that. When you combine that feeling, it’s a little
bit softer than average, about a 6 out of 10. As far as the feel’s concerned, the number
one thing that I could say is balance. You’re going to have not a quite sleeping on top
of the mattress feel, not quite sleeping in the mattress feel. You’re going to sink in,
but not too much. There’s a little bit of a memory foam feel,
but not too much, because there’s that memory foam quilted into the cover. It’s pretty responsive,
other than that. There’s going to be a little bit of a balance, but not a lot. I’ll show
you with this Lacrosse ball. You’re going to have nice pressure relief that’s going
to be very supportive. It’s a nice balanced feel. Now I’m going to talk to you on how I feel
in different sleeping positions. Starting on my back, first thing I notice is my hips
sink in. It’s a little bit soft, but supportive at the same time. It conforms very well to
the curves of my body. You can feel the coils holding you up on that. It’s a very good mattress
for me, from a support perspective, on my back. Switching onto my side now, I notice that
it’s pretty good pressure relief. You can definitely feel the softness and the pressure
relief of the memory foam and the adaptive foam layer. I would say a good mattress for
me on my side, as well. Switching onto my stomach now, I would say
a little bit too soft as a thick comfort layer and it’s pretty soft in those top foam layers.
I would say I’d probably look for something a little bit firmer, a little bit more supportive
if you sleep on your stomach. At Mattress Clarity, we love our pressure
map testing. It shows you exactly how well every mattress relieves pressure. I’m going
to get down on the pressure map here and lie down on my back, side, and stomach. I’m going
to see anywhere from blue to no pressure, all the way to red, high pressure. The only thing to note is if you have a different
body type than I do, you may see different results. Let’s get started. [music] Marten: Hey, guys. Marten here to offer a
different perspective. Joe’s 5’9″, 160, but I’m 6’7″, 230. I’m a larger person than Joe.
I want to give my experience with the Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress here. As Joe said, with a hybrid mattress like this,
when you have supportive coils and some softer layers above that, if you’re a larger person
you’re going to press further into the mattress than a lighter person might. I’m here to give
my experience with the hybrid here. The Tuft & Needle Hybrid, in terms of firmness,
Joe said it was a 6 out of 10. For me, it was closer to a 6.5 out of 10 because I am
pressing further in, feeling a little bit more firmness than Joe did. Let’s talk about all three sleeping positions.
Starting on my back, a really good match for me. Good overall support, good lumbar support,
hips sink in the right amount. Actually, a comfortable feel overall, but still supportive
at the same time. Very nice for back sleeping. Moving to my side, I expected to feel some
more pressure on my shoulders and my hips, but actually, it’s still a good match for
me as a side sleeper. I’m sinking into that top layer. It’s very, very plush. Very nice
pressure relief on my shoulders and my hips. I will say again, I’m 230 lbs. If you’re heavier,
in the upper 200s, 300 lb. weight range, you’re going to press further into this mattress.
Definitely feel more pressure than Joe did, and more than I did. Finally moving to my stomach, not enough support
for me overall. I am bowing at the hips somewhat, getting out of alignment. Not the best match
for stomach sleeping. If you’re a heavier back sleeper, this is a great option. If you’re a heavier side sleeper, my weight
range like 230-260 lbs, a good match for you as well. Heavier stomach sleepers, though,
are going to want to look elsewhere. Joe: If you sleep with a partner, you’re going
to want to consider motion transfer. Basically, if your partner is moving around on that side
of the bed is that motion going to be isolated, or transferred over to you and possibly wake
you up at night? With that said, I have a glass here. I’m going to create a little disturbance
around the glass, see how it reacts. Got memory foam quilted into this cover, so
it should do pretty well here. You could see that the glass isn’t really moving too much.
I had Marten on my team jump in and out of bed, create a little disturbance. I didn’t
really feel that motion transferred to me too much, so I would say this is a pretty
good option for couples. If you sleep with a partner or you like sleeping
towards the edge of the bed, you’re going to want to consider edge support. Basically,
can you sit or sleep towards the edge of the bed without feeling like you’re going to fall
off? I’m on the edge here. You can see that the
foam is collapsing a little bit. I actually feel pretty good sitting on the edge of the
bed here. I’m going to lie down on my back now. I’m not getting that rolling-off-the-bed
feeling, so I would say the edge support in this case is pretty good. Now I’m going to talk through some of the
pros of this mattress, or who I think this mattress may be a good fit for. If you’re
looking for a medium-firm mattress, or something slightly softer than average, I would definitely
take a look at this mattress. I put it at about a 6 out of 10. Usually, I would say medium is about a 6.5
out of 10. It’s also very good for side sleeping. I felt very good pressure relief when on my
side, and back sleeping as well. It was very comfortable and supportive. It’s a great balance
of comfort and support, which makes it very good for people who switch positions at night. If you’re a combination sleeper, I would definitely
take a look at this mattress as well. If you’re worried about sleeping hot, they do a very
good job of addressing that in the construction. If you’re worried about sleeping hot, I would
also take a look at this mattress. We know about the pros, but what are the cons
and who’s this mattress not the best fit for? Number one thing that I can think of is stomach
sleepers. I would probably look for something a little bit firmer, a little bit more supportive,
given that it’s about a 6 out of 10. I would usually look for something that’s more like
a 7, 7.5, 8 if you’re just a stomach sleeper. If you want something that’s extra firm or
extra soft, this is right in the middle. I would definitely take a look at another mattress
if that is the case. Also, it’s certain types of feels this doesn’t really provide. This
is a balanced feel overall, so you get a little bit of a memory foam feel, but not too much.
You sink in, but not too much. If you want an extra bouncy feel, like something
that natural latex provides, I would look elsewhere. If you want a pure memory foam
feel, I would look elsewhere as well. If you’re taking a look at the Tuft & Needle
Hybrid, you probably see that Tuft & Needle has the original Tuft & Needle and the Mint
mattress that are all for less expensive than this is. Which one should you get and why
should you get this hybrid? With this hybrid, you’re going to get more
out of it. It’s definitely a better mattress overall. It’s going to be more supportive.
You’re going to have pocketed coils instead of foam in the support layer. You’re going
to have micro-coils. You’re going to have more layers overall, and probably better edge
support. Cooling will be about the same. The firmness
is actually about the same with the Mint, in my opinion, and pretty close to the original
Tuft & Needle as well. The overall feel is more supportive too. If you’re heavier, I
would definitely go for this. If you have higher support needs, I think it’s better
for back sleeping. In my opinion, it’s definitely a better mattress.
It’s definitely a step-up in price. The thing you really have to decide is, is it really
that much better, given the extra step-up in price, even though I definitely think it
is better. I want to give you some additional information
about this mattress. You’re going to get free shipping and returns, 100-night sleep trial,
10-year warranty. They also have physical stores and partner stores available where
you can try out the mattress. Type in your zip code on the website and it
will show you the nearest location where you can try out the mattress. They also have two
other mattresses available, the original and the Mint. They also have a ton of accessories
available as well. If you decide that you want to buy this mattress,
it’s helpful to know what the delivery process and the unboxing process is like. It’s going
to show up in a box. My recommendation is to get two people, unless you’re super-duper
strong. It’s a pretty heavy mattress. Bring it to your bedroom. Put it close to
your base. Open it up. There are some instructions in there, but it’s pretty simple. You can
either use scissors or a cutting tool. Place it down. Get it down on the base. Roll it
out. Slowly, one-by-one, cut the plastic layers.
I wouldn’t cut too quickly. Don’t cut into the mattress. It’s going to be a pretty simple
process. It’ll start expanding. Usually, there’s a noticeable smell. I would give it probably
24 hours to air out. It does dissipate after that. After that, it should be pretty good to go.
You could probably sleep on it that night, but I would give it 24 hours to let that smell
dissipate. To wrap up, I think a lot of people are really
going to like this mattress. It is a very good balance of comfort and support. If you
want something that is medium firmness, a little bit softer than average, maybe you’re
a back sleeper, a side sleeper, or you switch between the two, it’s definitely going to
be something that you’re going to enjoy. I’ll just caution you, if you want something
extra firm or extra soft, or if you’re a pure stomach sleeper, or you want something like
a pure memory foam feel, or a pure latex bouncy feel, I would maybe look elsewhere. I do think
a lot of people are really going to like this mattress. That’s basically it. If you’re just getting
started on your mattress-buying journey, definitely check out mattressclarity.com. Basically,
if you’re just getting started, best mattress. Once again, let me know if you have any questions.

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