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USA Patient gives testimonial and explains why they left USA for fertility Treatment

USA Patient gives testimonial and explains why they left USA for fertility Treatment

So we decided to have a baby, for 4 years
and we decided to actually go for it, we had difficulty getting pregnant. So we checked
with some IVF services where we are from and went through IVF, we had one cycle there.
In the United States, in Oklahoma it was unfortunately a failed cycle. And at that time we were devastated
to say the least about even doing it again or thinking it would be worth a try. We felt
we weren’t going to try again and then we found out about Barbados Fertility Clinic.
I guess that must have been 4 years ago, when we started the journey. And we did a cycle
and low and behold, this is what we got for our first cycle. We got Eliana! We wanted
her to have a sibling so, you know we just decide to go for it again. It took us a couples
of times, not everyone situation is like mine. We actually had some friends who came down
with us and they got pregnant in their first try! This clinic is incredible! And I cannot
tell you how blessed and thankful I am that God sent us to this place, because Dr.Skinner,
Dr.Corona and the staff here have given us the two most enjoyable blessings of our lives.
And I don’t think you will ever find a place on earth that the Drs and the nurses – Anna
all the way to the secretaries that actually care about you and your journey and what you
are going through, it’s a difficult time but we are standing here with these two miracles
and we have some friends that we told about the clinic and they came down here and got
pregnant, so we know that it works and wherever you are don’t give up. There is always HOPE!
We love the fertility clinic in Barbados!

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