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Acupunture Treatment

Using a Needle Holder and Thumb Forceps to Perform the Suture Patterns

Using a Needle Holder and Thumb Forceps to Perform the Suture Patterns

[Music] To perform most of the suture patterns that you’ll be required to do for this course, we’re going to be using principally swaged-on suture or a suture with a swaged-on needle. We’ll be using a needle holders. We’ll be using some form of thumb forceps, this one happens to be a rat-toothed forceps. And then later to cut the suture you’ll be using some form of scissor such as I have here, which is a curved mayo scissors. To properly apply the needle to the needle holder, you want to grab the needle right at the center or just slightly behind center toward the swaged-on side of the needle. And also you want to put the needle and the needle holders right at the tip of the needle holders, and you want [click made from clamping] clamp. You have to make a conscious effort to clamp because if you don’t, then the needle will wobble and bend and obviously you’ll lose your grasp of the needle with your needle holders. Now I’m using the thumb forceps in the proper manner here. Many of you may have a tendency to use them in the improper manner which is such as you would use a fork. So what you want to do is hold the thumb forceps in a manner such as you would use a pencil. Generally, if your right handed, you’re going to have the needle holders in your right hand and your thumb forceps in your left hand. [Music]

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