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V-Steaming for Fertility Support

HI! Denise Noyer-Erez here with AIM
Wellness Clinic and I’m excited to share with you about our V Steam! We’ve
actually had it here for a couple of years and what we use it for is
mainly for our women who are trying to have a baby but it also helps with
irregular periods, painful periods, we see a lot of women who spot before and
during or before and after their cycles… and it works really well! But, especially for
the painful period and for fertility we also use it for episiotomy pain after delivery if you have any or any vaginal tears or even menopause because what it does is it helps bring blood
flow to the area and we use specific Chinese herbs for whatever your condition is and the the herbs actually penetrate because the tissue is very vascular and
so it can penetrate in through the vagina and the vaginal walls and it just
really helps increase circulation and helps with whatever is going on for you!
So we actually put the herbs down here on the bottom and then it creates we
create some steam and there’s an infrared light here. So, you just sit, on your throne, like a princess, and let the steam come on up and it helps clean you out and get you ready and you
feel feel great we make sure you have a relaxing environment and you know you
have the right herbs before whatever your condition is! So, come and join us
for a V-Steam!

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