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Video #10 – Cupping

Video #10 – Cupping

Good evening everybody that was so formal. Hopefully, they’ll get less awkward at these as time goes on Um, I hope everyone had a good Sunday I thought I’d just pop them with another little update because I’m trying to catch up on the videos that I fucked up on Um, anyways, I decided to end my day the way I started which was cupping I did some cup ping to my shoulder which feels a lot better now and now I’m doing it to my hip What’s called your IT band, I do have shorts on. I promise. It’s just you know, I got curves they don’t really It never looks like I’ve Under-I mean pants onl. See now I get awkward anyway Just doing some cupping down here and on my sacrum as well. Um, I can already feel a release I’m limping a little bit less which I love. Um Obviously it takes away the pain too. Um, yeah, it was a pretty good day. I just caught up on some stuff I uploaded some new designs to my website for my #thedailyhobble lines Oh check those out I’m not a pushy sales person. I’m not good at that. Um anyways, I sang a lot today. I haven’t done that in a very long time and I just sung and sung and sung. Listened to Sum41, I think Billy Talent is on right now. I’m having like a trip down memory lane It’s just kind of gotten older and older had some Escape the Fate on for a while Slipknot You know still a metalhead at the end of the day. Um, yeah. Anyways, I will Pop on again another time, but I hope everyone’s having a good long weekend that’s in Canada anyways, because I don’t know if there’s a long weekend in Australia right now, but hello to everyone out there. Okay Have a great weekend guys, and I will pop on tomorrow. Bye!

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