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Vitamin D and Fertility

Vitamin D and Fertility

Music Playing Hi! Denise Noyer-Erez here! I’m also known as the Fertility Godmother
and I have a tip for you! If you’re trying to get
pregnant and have a healthy baby, something very important that we see
here in our clinic is a lot of people are deficient in Vitamin D. And, Vitamin D
is not only really important for your overall health, your bones, your immunity
and your moods but it’s really vital for having a good reproductive system so
you can get pregnant and have a healthy baby. So, make sure that you check your
Vitamin D levels and that they’re in a good healthy range. We do that often here
in our clinic and we see so many people that are deficient so that’s one of the
first things we do when people come to see us. If you do end up taking Vitamin
D… make sure that you do follow-up blood work within 1 – 2 months (within a short period of time) for a couple of reasons 1. You want to make
sure that your body is absorbing the Vitamin D 2. When you get to
a certain point you probably want to adjust your dose so that you’re not
taking too much because that creates a whole other cascade of problems. Alright, here’s to your healthy fertility!

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