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What can I do when my child is sick? Are chiropractic adjustments a safe and natural solution?

What can I do when my child is sick? Are chiropractic adjustments a safe and natural solution?

Hi, this is Dr. Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic. Your Maximized Living Doctor. Today, I want to talk about a very important
topic which is your children. A lot of parents ask me what to do when their
child is sick? Now when it comes to your child and them being
sick there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty that surrounds that. And so I want to help clear some of that up
there for you today and help you get some natural solutions and know what to do next
time your child’s not feeling as well. Number one typically parents ask about what
happens when they have a fever. Now fever is a good thing, fever is the body
healing. It’s heating the body off to kill the infection. So if you do anything to reduce that fever
you’re actually reducing the body’s own immune response, prolonging the infection and actually
interfering with that health process. Now for children, they can have a fever above
100 degrees in fact, as much 103 and even 104 and still be okay. So the best thing you can do in that time
is let the fever run its course. If they’re getting really warm, you can try
using some ice compress. You can try put them in like an ice bath,
start cooling them down but really don’t need to reach for the Tylenol right away. Don’t be super concerned right away. Also some other things that you can do when
your child’s not feeling well if it’s a young baby, breastfeeding the child is amazing for
immune response and also making sure they’re getting high quality nutrients. Anything that reduces symptoms, something
that is a cough suppressant or symptom suppressing or any type of medication or pill is interfering
with the body’s immune response. And actually, prolonging a sickness. So there are natural things that you can do. Natural antibacterial properties are things
like Colloidal Silver, things like getting Echinacea, getting them Vitamin C, Vitamin
D, get these on liquid or even powder form, we have specific formulations just for kids. And one other thing that most parents don’t
think of is the power of the Chiropractic Adjustment. In just one adjustment, you’re getting as
much as 200% boost in the immune system response to help fight off infection. So a lot of my parents will bring in their
children right away, get adjusted, help remove the interference so the immune systems actually
working better and boosting the immune system health and they’re better within the next
day or two. So the next time your child is not feeling
well or sick for any reason. And you don’t want to just reach for a pill
or go straight to the doctor, let’s think about some natural things you can do and thinking
about bringing them into the chiropractor. If you’re liking this content and you want
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