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What is Cupping? Cupping Therapy for Health

What is Cupping? Cupping Therapy for Health

ever heard of cupping it’s not a
relationship goal, or some sort of drinking game it’s a form of acupuncture/acupressure points and this is a silicon-based cupping – it’s ok, it
works pretty well but i wanted to try something better as you can see, it’s looks like a plunger head basically. Once you apply the cups you basically let it go for about
3 to 4 minutes and then when you take them off, you will see a red marking the circular
red marks you might have noticed them on a Olympians and sports athletics and that’s what it is, it comes from all the blood that’s being pulled
up from the suction on the cupping. Now, this set I’m truly excited about I
actually got this from Korea and as you can see it looks totally different this
is this is what the professionals really use, it’s awesome once you’ve
tried cupping I’m telling you – you really you really will miss not having the
experience of using cupping when your body is hurting or tensed up, it feels
really great. So I used the gun handle which applies the suction to the cup
and you can use a tube to extend it out if you’re doing it yourself so it’s a great application, I love this
system, you got to give it a try and you know, go to one of those acupuncture shops, massage places that that does do cupping – try it out see if you like it
and if you do love it, go purchase one ’cause – trust me, my back may look like the back of a checkerboard but I feel so much better after using
this. By the way, that red thing that you saw with like the sharp end, that’s to
apply a little bit more acupuncture pressure on on the inside of the cup
when you place that in there. So, I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for watching.

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