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What is Cupping?

What is Cupping?

Hi San Diego, this is Leah Tinkham with Stay Savvy San Diego and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about something that we’ve been seeing an increase in popularity in over the past year which is “Cupping”. You may have noticed cupping marks on many of our Olympic athletes, especially Michael Phelps – those little red marks that you may have seen on their shoulders or back. So I wanted to tell you what those are and how they can help you. So what is Cupping? Cupping is a traditional East Asian medicine modality that developed a couple thousand years ago in China. Traditionally they used either bamboo sticks or glass cups – they introduced heat into them and then placed them on the skin, creating suction. Some people also use plastic cups with just a suction piece attached. So what it does is it pulls up on the skin muscle faccia to bring blood flow to the area, bring some oxygen, and also release toxins that have built up like lactic acid. So why you may have seen in the Olympics is because it helps athletes recover faster. So for most of us, different ways that Cupping could help are that it could act as a massage – it does reach issues upto 4 inches deep and you can even slide the cups back and forth. So it can be very sedating much like a deep tissue massage. Also, for a lot of us that are sitting at computers every day, we have a lot of neck and shoulder tension. It can help break up a lot of that tension. It even can help people with asthma or chest colds – it helps break up the fascial tissues in the ribcage and so can help expand the ribcage, get rid of toxins, help you recover faster, and breathe deeper. But I think for most people – and this is maybe something to think about as you’re transitioning into the new year and starting those resolutions, getting healthier and going to the gym or, you know, maybe planning your first mud run – we can help. So if you haven’t tried cupping before, here’s a little bit of what you can expect. A lot of times your practitioner will take a health history and do a little examination figure out the areas that you want to work on. And then you will generally be on a massage table. If you’re working on your neck and back they might cover you with a sheet and put some oil on, and then you’ll feel the suction of the cups and they’ll either leave them there or do the sliding cupping and maybe a little massage as well. If you have any questions give me a call [phone number below]. I think most people find cupping quite relaxing. It does leave those weird little marks, but those go away in either a day or two or sometimes even up to a week. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and Stay Savvy, San Diego!

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