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What will be Discussed in your First Fertility Consultation?

What will be Discussed in your First Fertility Consultation?

>>When I first see a couple with infertility I think it’s very important to listen hard and not talk too much initially. Most patients will give you the answer themselves if you allow them to talk. Having said that, it is important to go back sometimes to the very first period. Especially in my practice where I see a lot of endometriosis patients, to see what was that very first period like. Was it painful? Did the teenage woman or teenage girl take time off school? Did she later take time off work? There are little clues that can then lead to more questioning if necessary about, do they have painful periods? Heavy periods? Do the periods ruin their life? Do they have painful intercourse, for example? and I think endometriosis is certainly an underdiagnosed disease. So, I think it’s really a fact-finding mission, allowing the female patient especially to talk. Then making sure that all of the tests that supposedly have been done by the GP, including sperm count, have been done. And, I think I do give them direction. We get a plan of action, both for female and for the male. So, the next step is, when I see them again, usually it’s to see if they’re ovulating. Often it’s to discuss the sperm count, whether it be normal or not normal. Sometimes to discuss an abnormal AMH result, the anti-mullerian hormone result. The first visit really sets the scene for what might happen in the next visit. That may be not much at all or it might be a laparoscopy for endometriosis. If the sperm count is terribly abnormal, it may be direct to an IVF cycle. I’m one of the dwindling few gynaecologists who really see the patients initially, work through their infertility story, perform a laparoscopy if necessary. And then, however they achieve have a pregnancy, be it IVF or naturally, can still deliver the babies. So, I’m sort of looking out for them from the word go till the end. I’ve got a great job because I see ladies, I’ll see their husbands, I get to see them make embryos, I get to see those embryos go back into the uterus and develop into babies. I get to be the first person to scan that little fetal heart, and I get to be the person who follows it through the pregnancy and delivers the baby. That’s pretty good. [Title] For more information contact: [Title] City Fertility Centre Your partners in life [Title] 1300 354 354 cityfertility.com.au

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