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Why I Chose Osteopathic Medicine #WhyIDO | PCOM

Why I Chose Osteopathic Medicine #WhyIDO | PCOM

I do because I think touch is important to medicine using your hands to both diagnose and treat a patient Allows them to have the best possible care one of the most fundamental concepts in osteopathic manipulative medicine Is that the body can self heal and self regulate? sometimes we have to do a technique but more importantly we help take it in the right direction and Prevent whatever problem the patient has from recurring sometimes the manipulations such as this can go a long way and then I can help teach the patient how to prevent pain like this in his back from coming back And that’s why ideal idea because I believe that healthcare truly begins with self care which aligns at the osteopathic philosophy, I Do because I believe it’s the best way to bring patient care to our Hispanic population PCOM

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