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“WTF is mindfulness?” meditation

“WTF is mindfulness?” meditation

What the eff is mindfulness anyway? We could try and explain the principles, but we reckon it’s better that you just have a go. And this meditation comes with a guarantee of no incense or chanting, or your money back. Some stuff can seem a bit abstract or weird (like how do you send your breath to your toes?) but stick with it, and remember, it’s mostly about making an effort to pay attention. Find a relaxed, comfortable position, sitting with your back upright. Rest your hands wherever they’re comfortable. You can keep your eyes half open, or close them. Focus on breathing. Yep, just breathe. Notice where you feel your breath in your body. It might be in your stomach, in your chest or throat, or in your nostrils. Feel the breath on the inhale and as it leaves your body on the exhale. As you do this, you might notice your mind starts to wander. Maybe you start thinking about when you can next have a nap, or how many chicken Mcnuggets you can buy at a time. So if there’s twelve in a box… Hang on. That’s totally normal. You can try counting your breath to help you focus. Breathe in one. Breathe out, two. Breathe in, three. You got this. Keep following your breath and when your mind wanders to delicious delicious chicken Mcnuggets, kindly bring your attention back to the breath. Following the breath on the inhale, and then on the exhale. That’s all mindfulness is – paying attention to the present moment, without being all judgey. And you just did mindfulness like a boss. Now relax your attention, wiggle your fingers and toes, gently open your eyes and go back into your day.

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