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Z Beans Coffee – Vlog 1: The Roaster, Cupping Machine, and Drying Rack

Z Beans Coffee – Vlog 1: The Roaster, Cupping Machine, and Drying Rack

Hey Guys! Shane Buerster here with Z Beans Coffee. So, this is the very first Z Beans Vlog. What I want to do is give you all an inside look of what we do here in the Mercer Innovation Center. So for a quick word about the Mercer innovation center – I’m very grateful Mercer University actually extended the offer to me and allowed me to use this
facility to really do whatever I want to run the business. So, I have an office
which I’ll show in a different video, but today, we’re going to be here in the
kitchen. This is where I do all the roasting and just really get
everything going. So, as you see here this is the this is the roaster we use. We
initially were using a popcorn popper, so I’m kind of giving away the trade
secrets here, but no longer using it anymore, so I’m willing to throw it out on
the table. But, we can roast 7 and 1/2 pounds at a time puts out a quality
product and yeah so that’s what we’re working on all today. After we roast
what we’ll do is we’ll do our version of cupping. So, obviously, it’s important just
to make sure all the roasts are as consistent as possible. We just use a
good old Mr. Coffee and have him brew up some coffee to make sure
everything’s consistent. But, moving out here – so after it’s done roasting up take it out and it’s just a big ball of smoke basically.
So, then I’ll take it lay it out on this rack that my father actually made for me. I gave him a call one day and I said hey Dad I need a quicker way of cooling
my coffee. It’s taking me far too long to do this.
and he said well tell you what let’s just take a screen have one that has
some holes in it so it’s basically a just for a glass door – and that was it. So,
we put two box fans on top of it and boom! We’ve cut cooling times
basically into around three minutes now. This is
another thing I was working on today. I really like these types of
projects especially when I’m roasting – the roasting takes a little while.
These are just boxes made out of old pallets. What I like to use these
boxes for is different retail location. Oftentimes, because I’m only
selling a few bags at these retail spots to start, they allow me to set up a
display – that makes it look good and basically this is what this is.
I just sanded it down and painted it That’s basically all for today. This was our very first vlog. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed seeing a
little bit. We’ll be doing these once or twice a week. Thank you all for listening
I look forward to talking with you soon!

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